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Robot Round-Up 1/5/15

Hail Roboteers,

Is it May already? Phew, time is flying at Robot HQ. Do you know what’s exciting about May though? Three brilliant new Angry Robot Books to get your hands on!

This month we have the following three titles, hitting the stores on 5 May (US) and 7 May (R.o.W) (12 May for Apex in paperback):

The Waterborne Blade

“This is a well-paced, enjoyable read with characters that feel rounded and real…the writing shines.”The Waterborne Blade by Susan MurrayMore →

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#Trollus hits Twitter

Twitter was awash with the glow of troll-light and the whisperings of an ancient city named #Trollus on Sunday night, as author Danielle L. Jensen joined a Twitter chat to answer her fans’ burning questions.

Afterwards, we had a quick chat with Danielle about how awesome it was to talk with her fans from across theScreen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.40.40 world: “The Twitter chat was great fun – I plan to do it again after Hidden Huntress hits shelves, but at

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Peacemaker wins best SF Novel at the Aurealis Awards

The awards are just rolling in at the moment. The latest of the Angry Robot crew to win is Marianne de Pierres who has been awarded the Aurealis Award for best SF Novel for Peacemaker.

Marianne summed up her thoughts on the win thusly:

“I’m truly delighted that PEACEMAKER has been commended by the Aurealis judging panel. My dad brought me up onMarianne-de-Pierres-300x300
a diet of pulp Westerns and, eventually, I inherited his complete Zane Grey

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Daleks and Dothraki – Rod Duncan reports on the Philip K. Dick Awards

Our Rod Duncan took a trip from his hometown in Leicester, UK, over the pond to Seattle for the Philip K. Dick Awards, which are held at the city’s famous Norwescon. Here’s his take on the experience:

Daleks and Dothraki – home from home in Seattle

The guy sitting opposite is chain reading manga, the couple in the seats behind are debating the evolution of Pokemon and someone has just asked for help stowing a four foot long wooden sword in the overhead rack of the train carriage.  I’m thinking – Wow! All these people must be

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Wes Chu not nominated for a Hugo Award

Attention! Author of the Tao Series, Wesley Chu, has not been nominated for a Hugo Award! Saying that, he has been nominated for a Campbell Award for Best New Writer, the winner of which will be announced at the Hugo Awards…WesleyChuFINAL-9559 copy

We spat our Easter Eggs out with joy at the news, and grabbed the phone for a quick chat with Wesley. He said: “What
kind of a world do we live in where a kid

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Goodreads Giveaways

Do you fancy the chance to win a selection of Angry Robot’s finest new book offerings? Well, lucky for you have four different titles up for grabs on GoodReads this April!

Please follow the links below for your chance to win each title. You know what they say, you have to be in it to win it!

The Waterborne Blade

The citadel has long been the stronghold of Highkell. All that is about to change because the traitor, Vasic, is marching on the capital. Against her better judgement, Queen Alwenna allows herself to be spirited away by one of the Crown’s most

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Craig Cormick Cover Morph

Now we know that you enjoyed the cover reveal of Craig Cormick’s newest offering, The Floating City so we thought we’d share with you this great cover morph that Craig has uploaded to YouTube:

How brilliant is that? We think there must have been a bit of magic involved to make such computer wizardry…

The Floating City is the sequel to The Shadow Master and will be released 2 June 2015 in North America and 4 June 2015 in the UK/ R.o.W.

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And the award COULD go to…Rod Duncan!

Oh, it’s an exciting day at Robot Towers!

Leicester-based Rod Duncan, author of The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter has been nominated for another award.

This time it’s the East Midlands Book Award (EMBA), which recognises talent from across the East Midlands.

Rod, who has also been nominated for a Philip K. Dick award, took a second off from celebrating to tell us:

 The East Midlands Book Award is a reminder of the exceptional writing happening in this region. I’ve been involved in the writing scene here for more years than I care to admit. But I’ve never seen

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Book Tour: Ferrett Steinmetz

Busy publicising his first book, Flex, Ferrett Steinmetz is embarking on a bit of a tour to meet all you lovely folks.

If you’re near any of the following places, make sure to pop by on the dates below and receive your super big hug from Ferrett. Also, buy his book. Because that’s another reason for a book tour.

Angry Robot author Ferret SteinmetzFriday, March 13th: NEW YORK, Word Bookstore/Brooklyn

Saturday, March 14th: BOSTON/Worcester, Annie’s Book Stop

Friday, March 20th:

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Robot Round-Up 12/3/15

Good afternoon Robot fans,

Eeek, it’s Friday 13th again tomorrow! Why tempt fate by leaving the house? We recommend you avoid ladders, black cats and the peril of meeting your doppelgänger and instead spend the day under the covers with a cup of (not too hot) tea and a good book. Just maybe skip page 13.

This week we’re getting very excited about the last in Wesley Chu’s popular Tao trilogy, The Rebirths of Tao, which is released on 2nd April (UK) and 7th April (USA).

The Rebirths of</a></figure>        </div>
        <a href=More →
Angry Robot, Robot Round-Up

Robot Round-Up 5/3/15

Hey there Robot Readers,

It’s Penny here, Angry Robot Books’ brand new intern. Hope you’re all well?

You might have heard that the Robot Overloads have been beavering away of late, searching out new authors and books for your pleasure. It’s all been very exciting and we couldn’t be more delighted that Angry Robot Books is back to full steam and ready to fill your bookshelves with all of the most brilliant SF, F and WTF? books around.

This month, we want to shout about a couple of titles that are currently garnering critical acclaim. In fact, they’re so good

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