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Nook Daily Find – the Tao Trilogy by Wesley Chu

Wonderful news for Nook users and science fiction fans in North America!

All three of Wesley Chu‘s groundbreaking sci-fi action Tao trilogy novels are available today on the Nook Daily Find. The Lives of Tao is just $1.99 and the follow ups (The Deaths of Tao and The Rebirths of Tao) are $2.99 each. If you haven’t read them yet, there has never been a better time – go get them tiger: Nook Daily Find.

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Necrotech – Sample Chapters Online

You can read the first couple of chapters of KC Alexander‘s raw, awesome kickass cyberpunk action novel Necrotech right here, or over on Issu if you fancy.

Necrotech by K. C. AlexanderAs Mr Chuck Wendig (bestselling author of Star Wars: Aftermath and Invasive) says, this is “sci-fi that’s slick, sharp and snarky — K C Alexander doesn’t ‘write’ so much as she fires words into your cerebral cortex with an electromagnetic railgun.

Here’s the synopsis:

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Ferrett On Tour

Our man Ferrett Steinmetz, author of the extraordinary sci-fi ‘Mancer trilogy, is on the road signing and reading from his brand new instalment Fix which has only just come out.

See the man himself, hear him read from Fix, sign your books, snort back some Flex and bask in his glow. There are only three dates left on his cross-country mission – don’t miss out!

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Talk Tuesday To Us: Christopher Hinz

Angry Robot Author Christopher HinzTuesday has arrived again, and with it another insight into the minds of our authors: Talk Tuesday To Us (sometimes under the coercive influence of torture, or in today’s case, an ice cream scoop).

This week we crack open the cranium of Christopher Hinz, author of the fast-paced, action filled SF Binary Storm, sequel to his 1980’s classic Liege-Killer. With the scoop in hand, we can proceed.

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Talk Tuesday To Us: Wendy N Wagner

Welcome back to Tuesday. It’s the day of the week when we inject nanomites into our authors’ spines and activate their speech centres. The result – Talk Tuesday To Us – all of the answers those little tykes could squeeze out.

The Author, Wendy N. WagnerThis week the impressively chipper Wendy N Wagner, author of dark SF mystery An Oath of Dogs, gets our nanoquiz treatment.

One film:
The Twin Peaks box set! That might be

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Angry Robot at WorldCon

It’s here! It’s huge! Angry Robot authors are all set to invade Kansas City for WorldCon 74 – August 17-21. Our plans are simple – invade signings, panels, discussions, drinking events and even going for a run – the opportunities to chat and catch up are legion. Do say hi – our authors are a lovely bunch.

Our Mike Underwood will also be constantly available at our Angry Robot booth in the dealer room – booth #21. Seek him out, touch the books, meet the authors!

The WorldCon schedule is vast, and although they do have a

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Talk Tuesday to Us: Foz Meadows

Angry Robot Author Foz Meadows

Welcome to Tuesday! It’s time for Talk Tuesday To Us, when we mechanically extract nuggets of our authors’ lives for your edification.

This week we bring you mind words of the awesome Foz Meadows, author of the outstanding  portal fantasy An Accident of Starsdescribed as “an epic adventure unlike any I’ve read before” by Andre Norton award winning and Nebula-nominated author Fran Wilde. If you’re in the US, you lucky devils can read it right now

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Cover Reveal: Break The Chains

Howdy folks!

We have a gorgeous new cover to show off! It’s for the second book in Megan E O’Keefe‘s Scorched Continent series: Break The Chains – continuing the capers of Detan and Tibs that we first saw in Steal the Sky.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Kim Sokol continue the series covers with this stunning and rather vertiginous illustration. You can feel the wind in your hair!

In keeping with her books’ lovable thief and scoundrel duo, Megan has written a blog about friendships in fantasy for you to enjoy and have fuzzy feels about. Our pals at the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog  have been kind

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Pitch Perfect by Lee Harris

robottypeSo you’ve just finished writing your novel. Before I go any further, let me stand and applaud you – I have the utmost respect for any writer, new or established, who goes the whole mile and finishes a manuscript of novel length. Even those books that are less than excellent deserve a hearty round of congratulatory cheers for their creators. Finishing a novel is not easy.

Unfortunately, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Once the novel is written, the next phase

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