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Robot Special Audio: Ramez Naam Interview

Ramez Naam Earlier we announced that Nexus by Ramez Naam is shortlisted for a Kitschies Award. Recently, Mur Lafferty had a chat with him. Mez is always worth 10 minutes of your time. Here he talks about the world of Nexus and its sequel, Cruxand the science that informs his work.

Mez is a futurist and has some fascinating things to say about Artificial Intelligence, nanotech, and the future of mankind.

Here are a couple of

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Angry Robot Podcast #13

We’re back from our hiatus, with a bit of a format change. I’m joined in my hosting duties by Lee and Marco, who talk about where Angry Robot is right now, and then we talk to author Peter Crowther of Darkness Falling (out now!) We cover the book, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and the Twilight Zone (both the classic and the 1985 version.) After we talk to Pete, you get a peek at the audiobook!

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