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Angry Robot Live #3 – Series Writing

Hello, all! Mike here, with news of our third Angry Robot Live! panel.

On Wednesday, at 11:30AM PDT/2:30PM EDT/7:30PM BST, we’re going to be talking about series writing (how to do it, why to do it, how not to do it), with four fantastic Angry Robot authors:

Adam Christopher, Sir Julius Vogel-award-winner and author of Empire State, The Age Atomic, Seven Wonders, Hang Wire, and others.
Anne Lyle, Syndey J. Bounds-nominated author of The Alchemist of Souls, The Merchant of Dreams, and The Prince of Lies.
Carrie Patel, author of the forthcoming The

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Phoenix Comic-Con report

At the start of the month, Senior Editor Lee Harris and Exhibit A editor Bryon Quertermous and I all climbed into our Angry Robotic jets and hurtled through the sky to Phoenix, Arizona, where we promptly melted.

End of story.

Not quite. The heat was intense, and it put our cooling systems into over-drive, but we managed to make our way to the convention center for Phoenix Comic-Con.

We had a booth in author’s alley, proud neighbors to many of the members of the illustrious Taco Chuch. We were excited to be supporting three Angry Robot authors (Wesley Chu, Jay

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Angry Robot Live! #2 – Recap

Today we hosted our second Angry Robot Live hangout, “Crossing the Streams,” focused on cross-genre storytelling and storytelling across multiple media.

Our guests were Rod Duncan, Emma Newman, and Marianne de Pierres.


If you missed the panel, you can watch it in its entirety here:



I’ve also re-posted some questions we didn’t get to to continue the conversation, and if you have questions inspired by the panel, add them in the comments below!

Thank you all for joining us, and stay tuned to the Angry Robot blog for future

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Angry Robot Live! Recap

Last night was the inaugural episode of Angry Robot Live, with Madeline Ashby, Wesley Chu, Cassandra Rose Clarke, and Ramez Naam.

Our topic was 21st Century Science Fiction, with discussions of literature and film, the social/sociological use of science fiction, and a substantive analysis of Spike Jonze’s film Her, as dissected by science fiction writers and futurists.

There was also discussion about jetpacks. Expletives were used. As with many things Angry Robot, mature language applies.


You can find the video below and on YouTube.


Thank you to all who

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Angry Robot Live!

Dear Robot Readers,

Mike Underwood, Sales & Marketing-o-Tron here with some cool news.

I love conventions – they’re a chance to bring together authors to discuss interesting, important, and/or irreverent topics in writing and cross-pollinate ideas and experiences. Not to mention the amazing, off-the-wall conversations that happen in the hallways, restaurants, and the bars. Especially the bars.

I’m also a podcaster, and a while back, I wanted to apply the fun of podcasting to my marketing work with Angry Robot and see if there was a way to bring some of the amazing convention-style conversations to readers around the world

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The Best of All Possible ‘Hate’ Mail

A friend shared this rant by Ben Babcock, and I have to say that if we got hate mail like this every week, our digital morale would never waver, even amidst minefields of super-magnets and EMP grenades.

I despise Angry Robot. Because of them, I have a massive backlog of DRM-free ebooks in my Dropbox, which I can read anywhere from my phone or tablet. Because of their stupid subscription model, where I can pay in advance and download their new titles every month, I have reliable, consistent exposure to new voices in SF/fantasy and fascinating new novels. Because

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Cover Reveal! SUNSTONE by Freya Robertson

Dear all,

Mike here, your intrepid North American Sales & Marketing Manager. I’m very excited to reveal the cover to SUNSTONE, the second book in the Elemental Wars series (following HEARTWOOD) by Freya Robertson.

Brought to us by the marvelous Alejandro Colucci (who gave us the cover to SEVEN FORGES and HEARTWOOD), here’s SUNSTONE:

Cover for Sunstone by Freya Robertson
Art by Alejandro Colucci

About SUNSTONE (warning: spoilers for HEARTWOOD)

The Incendi elementals that dwell

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One Year as an Angry Robot

Today is my one-year anniversary of joining the Angry Robot team as the North American Sales & Marketing Manager. I came to Angry Robot from a job as a field sales representative, and while the surgical scars from the upgrades have faded, the amazing feeling of being directly in the action, championing authors, and supporting our incredible Random House sales team is fresh every day.

Some highlights from the year:

  • Attending my first WorldCon in Chicago all of three weeks into the job, learning the list on my feet, meeting fans and smart readers, editors Lee Harris and Amanda
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Angry Robot night at WORD Bookstore!

Last week, the Angry Robot army descended upon an unsuspecting Brooklyn, bringing marvelous mayhem in the form of authors Chuck Wendig and TL Costa to WORD Bookstore in Greenpoint.

At WORD Bookstore

The heat was scorching, but fortunately, our authors are all-temperature models, and were not dissuaded. Chuck Wendig read from upcoming Miriam Black book The Cormorant, and TL Costa read from Playing Tyler.

Literature lovers packed the event space, braving the heat. They were rewarded by an evening of reading, discussion, and

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