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Meet our newest signing, Paul S Kemp

Here’s a press release we just sent out to the world:

Million-selling US writer Paul S Kemp is unashamedly a fan of the classic “swords and sorcery” fantasy of Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock. Such a passion has fed into his New York Times-bestselling titles for Star Wars and Forgotten Realms. Now he’s created a series of original fantasy novels that bring swords and sorcery right up to date, for us

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First Angry Robot audiobooks in the pipe

And there’s more… The fine folks at Brilliance, mindful of our second birthday-wise activity burstage, have let us have a sneak look at the schedule for their first Angry Robot audiobooks. Oh yeah.

There are plenty more to come, but here are the first… years in the making!

6 September — Moxyland by Lauren Beukes (sf)
13 September — Reality 36 by Guy Haley (sf)
20 September — Roil by Trent Jamieson (fantasy)

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Mistification – a rat ate my readers’ notes

Kaaron Warren‘s intriguing third novel Mistification is out in the UK and as an eBook this week, and coming to US stores at the end of the month. As is sometimes our wont, to accompany the launch we asked her for a few short notes on a book to, you know, give readers a little more insight into its origins, inspirations and the delights it promises. Well… this is what she sent us…

• • •

The working title for Mistification was “A Rationale of Stories”, which is one meaning of the word mythology. Marvo learns

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A natter with Damned Busters cover artist Tom Gauld

So look, everyone is saying that Matthew Hughes’ first novel for Angry Robot, The Damned Busters, is bloody great fun. And they are wise to say such a thing, for it be true.

But perhaps as much attention has been paid – by those who’ve seen the physical editions at least – to the fab cover from cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld. In the UK, trendy bookish types like us know

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New Angry Robot author – Chris F Holm

We’re so delighted to announce our latest signing. Please welcome Chris F Holm. He’s just been nominated for a prestigious Anthony Award for his crime short story “The Hitter”, but now he’s signed to Angry Robot for a brace of distinctly supernatural urban fantasies, Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye.

Meet Sam Thornton. He’s a Collector – he gathers souls, the souls of the damned. But when he’s dispatched

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New Matt Forbeck novel announced: Carpathia!

Yup, another day, another press release… This one bears the extraordinary title of:


The tireless team at Angry Robot have joined forces with author Matt Forbeck for an outrageous re-imagining of the events following the sinking of the SS Titanic in April 1912. Carpathia tells the story of the handful of the survivors of the disaster being rescued by the vessel of that

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Announcing Angry Robot audiobooks!

Yes, it’s big news press release time again! Here’s what we just announced to the publishing world…

Lively British science fiction and fantasy publisher Angry Robot (that’s us!) has signed an exclusive licensing deal with the renowned Brilliance Audio. The US-based company will create and release audio editions of the imprint’s titles, including new releases and selected backlist. Recordings will be available for the retail and library markets on compact discs, MP3-formatted compact discs, and as files for download

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Cover preview – Debris

{Click for a larger view. You know you want to.}

From the mind of the wonderful Dominic Harman, here’s the very first peek at the front cover artwork for Jo Anderton‘s upcoming novel Debris, which will be published by Angry Robot in both the US and the UK in October.

The novel’s mix of almost Dune/Star Wars-esque arcane technology, steampunky-inspired motifs and medievalised feel gave us pause at first

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Two new fantasy debuts for Angry Robot


Fantasy fiction comes in many forms, as two new signings to Angry Robot attest. The energetic indie [that’s us – Ed] has snapped up two series by British authors who take very different approaches to the genre.

Debut author ANNE LYLE joins the imprint with the Night’s Masque trilogy of Elizabethan fantasies. Explorers have returned from the New World bearing strangely primitive natives – and their uncanny elders, regal beings straight out of the Norse legends who call themselves skraylings. Hired to protect these strangers,

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Welcome Angry Robot’s latest signing – Adam Christopher!

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have pounced upon the debut novel of British-based New Zealander Adam Christopher.

Adam is well-known to many at the heart of the British science fiction community through his strong presence on Twitter, under the nickname @ghostfinder. It was through reading his posts that AR first became aware of him. When we found out he had ambitions to have his debut full-length novels see print we dove at the chance to check them out.

We loved what we read (and we

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Competition Time – Remix the Robot!

Announcing! The frankly incredible Remix the Angry Robot Theme Tune contest. Woah lawd yeah!

OK, so first there were our wonderful monthly podcasts, conducted by Mighty Mur Lafferty (no really, that’s her full three-word name – check her passport if you don’t believe us). To help give her broadcasts a proper opening, our Mur commissioned the uncontainable talents of John Anealio to create the Angry Robot theme tune. And lo, toes were tapped most verily and heads they did nod.

Its life-changing twenty-two seconds were enough to lead into whichever of our intrepid authors were braving

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Cover skwee – Roil

{Click to make the image larger – and you should, cos the detailing is just great.}

Here’s first glimpse at the cover artwork for Trent Jamieson‘s upcoming steampunk-fantasy Roil. Artwork is by the extra-lovely Angelo Rinaldi. Be honest, you really want to read this now.

It depicts Margaret, last desperate survivor of the southern city of Tate, which has been swallowed whole by the raging chaos that is the Roil. This first

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Bit of Locus love for Angry Robot

Locus is “the magazine of the Science Fiction & Fantasy field”. Now now, settle down – banish those mental images of George RR Martin in green wellies mucking out the pigs. It’s the magazine of the SF/F publishing industry, with in-depth coverage of all the aspects of our genre that mean so much to hotheads like us. Which is why it’s such an honour to get a mighty fistful of coverage from them in the February issue.

Faren Miller says

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Ask the Robot

Now you can ask the Angry Robot crew anything you want, because we’ve only gone and got ourselves a Formspring page. There’s bound to be something you’ve always wanted to ask us, and now you can do it without having to buy us a pile of drinks at a science fiction convention to do so. (Urgent note to Lee – Hold everything, I think I’ve just found a massive negative point in our doing this… —

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The Zoo City Soundtrack

Lauren Beukes’ unparalleled Zoo City is now out everywhere, and attracting much love. To enhance your reading experience, a wonderful soundtrack to accompany the book has been created too, in conjunction with acclaimed South African production house African Dope.

Compiled by Lauren and African Dope producer HoneyB, it features an eclectic line-up, ranging from old school kwaito from Ishmael and Brown Dash to gritty electronica from 37 MPH and Markus Wormstorm. It’s

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