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Xmas opening hours

Our remote snowbound outpost will be unmanned between Weds Dec 24th and Monday Jan 5th. However, we’ll be picking up and replying to email sporadically, so feel free to drop us a line if you need us.

When we return, we will have details of our first season for you. Oh yes.

Happy holidays, flesh-covered lifeforms.

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Robot Business

Press release #2: Angry Robot hires Lee “Hub” Harris as Assistant Editor

(December 1st, 2008, Nottingham UK) Angry Robot, the upcoming contemporary SF and fantasy imprint from HarperCollins, has announced a new recruit. Lee Harris joins the Nottingham-based team as Assistant Editor from January.

lee harrisLee made his name in SF circles as founder of Hub, the weekly newsletter that has delivered a short story and reviews to its ten thousand subscribers every Friday for several years. He is also the editor of Prism, the newsletter of the British Fantasy Society.

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Robots at large

Today we give thanks to our robot overlords

albert & some loserOn this most special day of all days (apologies to web users outside of the US, but this celebration is not available in your territory), we give thanks to all those pioneering research that may bring the day when we literally embrace our shiny metal masters one bunny hop closer.

What we’ve always wanted — the Shakeutron robot urinal

Creepy, creepy real life robots.

Blah blah blah robot

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Kill Em All!

The real three laws of robotics

We love that cheeky scamp Warren Ellis, not least because now and again he does stuff like this — the three real laws of robotics:

1. Robots couldn’t really give a fuck if you live or die …
2. Robots do not want to have sex with you. Are you listening, Japan? …
3. What, you can’t count higher than three? … You can go now.

Read the whole thing chez Ellis, meat bag.

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Books, Future formats

The “C” word

mash it up!At World Fantasy Con this year I heard a great deal about Crossover. (What did you think I meant? For shame…) It’s not that new a term, but more and more people are using it. For a while we at Angry Robot, along with others from other imprints, have been debating our thoughts on just what to call what might even turn out to be a whole new genre of fiction.

It’s that stuff

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Author Appearances, Conventions

Calgary calling

Calgary in Canada – which is where I am right now – is a looong way from the UK, so many hours behind that it feels like the con’s only just started while it’s actually day three already. So why come all this way? Because World Fantasy is possibly the best con around, at least for us publishing types. It’s fairly compact – maybe 1200 folks, and well over half of these are writers, artists and editors. It’s

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Angry Robot

Nods head repeatedly and cries “Yes yes yes”

It’s rare at the moment to read a debate about science fiction and agree so wholeheartedly with most of it, but SF Signal’s current mind-meld on “The Future of Written Science Fiction” had me nodding so vigorously I almost sued myself for whiplash injuries. The question of what happens to the literature of the future when the future actually arrives seems to be exercising some writers and editors rather a lot at the moment. For some, that means writing SF gets harder (Charles Stross recently opined that for him it now verges on the impossible); for others, that

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Future formats, Kill Em All!

Here’s a funny one

Once upon a time there was a respected traditional book publisher who really, really got the concept of ebooks, they said. Who decided they would be the market leader in ebooks, would offer all their new titles in the various ebook formats as standard, right now.

Only… where a book was only available in hardcover, they priced their ebook equivalent to the hardcover, and only when the book came out in mass-market did they lower the price to the same as the paperback edition.

Perhaps they thought no one would notice. I don’t mean notice that they are giving every

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Future formats

Neal Stephenson, you utter bastard

I don’t really think he’s an utter bastard, of course. In fact, I adore Neal Stephenson. He’s a wonderful writer, more than prepared to take on immense sweeping subjects and deliver in spades. Which means his damn books are immense buggers. Which means I have a cinderblock-sized copy of Anathem glowering heftily at me from the Must Read Soon pile.

And I’m looking at it, and it’s looking back at me, and I’m thinking

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Author Appearances

Robots on the march, pt.2

It’s almost time for World Fantasy Con, the best little convention we ever did attend. This year we have the rare treat of a trip to Calgary, Canada, for a few days of chat, beer, reunions, beer, panels, beer, beer and some drinking too. Attending this year for Angry Robot will be Marc G, AR Publishing Director, and Chris Michaels, the official HarperCollins special publishing strategy and future mad ideas genius guy (no really; he has

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Robots at large

Robots rrrock

While watching BBC1’s Imagine documentary tv show, on the history of the rock guitar the other night, my mind was severely boggled by a nifty little number from The Tornados, of “Telstar” fame… Robot. Erm yeah, like, swinging daddio.

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Author Appearances

Robots on the march pt.1

This coming weekend, the Angry Robot crew will be rampaging down to the sleepy town of Northampton (the UK one). Why? Oh pshaw — it’s only flipping Newcon 4! Along with the mighty Iain Banks, who’ll be bringing his M with him, there’ll be the usual marvellousness from Paul Cornell, Ken McLeod and the crepuscular Storm Constantine, plus a whole heap of further sfnal and fantastical goodness. The venue — the town’s old

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