The Dragons Of Heaven by Alyc Helms“Dragons of Heaven combines superheroes, romance, ancient mythological China, and does it right.”
– Cassie Alexander, author of the Edie Spence series

“All the fun of pulp adventure, filtered through a twenty-first century lens. Helms isn’t content simply to play in the genre; she questions it, complicates it, adds layers it didn’t have eighty years ago. Missy’s journey to become Mr. Mystic isn’t the usual heroic training montage – but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.”
– Marie Brennan, author of A Natural History of Dragons

Are you looking for the perfect blend of urban fantasy, Chinese folklore, romance, action, superheroes, and the kitchen sink? Well look no further, The Dragons of Heaven by Alyc Helms will fit the bill without breaking the bank.

On 9th May you can get The Dragons of Heaven from Bookbub in the US, UK, Australia and Canada for these heavenly prices at just $0.99 in the US, 99p in the UK, and $1.99 in Australia and Canada.

Street magician Missy Masters inherited more than the usual genetic cocktail from her estranged grandfather – she also got his preternatural control of shadow and his legacy as the vigilante hero, Mr Mystic. Problem is, being a pulp hero takes more than a good fedora and a knack for witty banter, and Missy lacks the one thing Mr. Mystic had: experience. Determined to live up to her birthright, Missy journeys to China to seek the aid of Lung Huang, the ancient master who once guided her grandfather.

Lung Huang isn’t quite as ancient as Missy expected, and she finds herself embroiled in the politics of Lung Huang and his siblings, the nine dragon-guardians of creation. When Lung Di, Lung Huang’s brother and mortal enemy, raises a magical barrier that cuts off China from the rest of the world, it falls to the new Mr Mystic to prove herself by taking down the barrier. But is it too great a task for a lone adventure hero?

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