Update time! As we said at the time, it was going to take us a fair old while to work through all of the 1,066 full novels submitted to the Open Door. For all of you who are waiting patiently for us to dig down the pile to your own opus, we thank you.

We’re down to about 400 entries. Most of those are books we’ve simply not got to yet – and we note that close on 170 manuscripts came in on the very last day! Others are books that we have set to one side because we liked them and wanted to think about them further. So if you submitted very late and haven’t heard yet, it’s because we haven’t got to you. If you submitted early and haven’t heard, it’s because we liked what we read and are now talking about you (in a good way). Either way, we will reply to every book proposal we were sent, and we thank you for your continuing patience. Right, back to the teetering pile… — Marc


  1. Thanks so much for the update, Marc – my next-door neighbor and I both submitted manuscripts and every once in a while we’ll text each other – “Did you hear anything?” “Nope, not yet” “Think that’s a good sign or a bad sign?” “Hard to tell…” “No news is good news, right?” “Hope so” LOL
    We appreciate all the folks at Angry Robot going through the teetering pile – that’s a huge pile and so awesome of you to take it on and give us unagented writers a chance! https://novelwrites.com/2017/12/28/angry-robot-open-door-submission/

  2. Thank you for the update Marc. Great to hear a few have piqued your interest – exciting times ahead!

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