Angry Robot author Tim Pratt

Hold onto your mental and spiritual faculties people as Tim Pratt, author of The Wrong Stars is about to do take part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

That’s right, the Locus senior editor, winner of too-many-awards-to-mention and fantasy/sci-fi author will answer almost ANYTHING you ask of him, though probably not *that*, or *THAT* but definitely that.

If you fancy getting in on the fun, head over to r/sciencefiction this Thursday, November 16 and ask whatever your heart desires.

Aaaannnd, if you’d like to do a little prep work pre-AMA or you’re just a bit nosey then we’d direct you to Tim’s recent articles on creating alien species here and his Big Idea for The Wrong Stars here. They make for a pretty fun read, as you’d expect.