Huzzah! For two months only we are relaxing our normally strict procedures, and anyone can submit a novel to Angry Robot. Yes, the 2017 Open Door period is incoming.

WHAT?          Unpublished novels
FROM?          Authors who do not have a literary agent
GENRE           Science fiction and/or fantasy
FINISHED?     Yes, finished, full manuscripts only
LENGTH?       70,000-130,000 words, no exceptions
WHEN?          Submissions website opens 1st November, closes 31st December 2017

Once the door closes (deep breath) we’ll read them all, every last one. If we like your novel enough to want to publish it, we’ll definitely be in touch! Successful books will be acquired and published, with an advance and royalties.

Read our full guidelines and FAQ – Should answer all of your queries, but this is also the place to leave any further questions you may have. We won’t be able to answer questions left anywhere else.

Submit your book – from 1st November 2017 – wait for it – more info on this coming soon, do not start emailing them to us!

Good luck! The Open Door worked for Robot pals Wesley Chu, Peter McLean, Lee Collins, and Lee Battersby – next time it could be you.