We have a new android author that The Central Computer has authorized for a field test at FenCon 2017, September 22nd-224th

Amber Royer, whose debut Space Opera, Free Chocolate, is coming out next year will be speaking on several panels, though not all at once.

Catch up with Amber at the Irving Lecture Hall on Friday at 12PM for But it’s Funny!, again at 2PM for The Villain is the Hero and once more at 3PM for Invasion of the Podcast People.

On Saturday Amber will be talking in Chinaberry at 11AM on 50 Ways to Leave your Blocker and then in Trinity VI at 1PM to answer the question: Puns – Can they be stopped?

Finally on Sunday she will be in Pecan at 12:30 for Reading with Amber Royer!

So come along, meet our awesome author and give her all of your support! If you’re lucky she might even give you some of those free chocolates she’s been mentioning on Twitter.

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