There’s a perfect time to pick up a superb summer read, and that’s today: Wesley Chu’s The Lives of Tao is just $1.99 on Amazon US Kindle, Amazon UK Kindle and on US Kobo. It’s a funny, action-packed spy thriller, with aliens:

One day an overweight slacker named Roen wakes up with a strange voice in his head. He soon comes to learn that the voice is a disembodied alien who crashed to earth millions of years ago. The alien, called Tao, is part of a cohort of aliens called Quasing that crash landed together. Since the fall of the Roman empire, the aliens have been waging a war to decide the best means to get home–the pragmatic Genjix do not care if their methods destory humankind while the more gentile people of Tao’s tribe are prepared to take a less destructive approach. 

“Just your usual ‘I’ve got an immensely wise alien in my head who wants me to become and international man of mystery’ story. Which is to say, a page-turning homage to other classic SF like Hal Clement’s Needle. Recommended.” – Steven Gould, author of the Jumpers series

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