So, as you know (stares into camera) we publish the tie-in novels for Monte Cook GamesNumenera and The Strange RPGs. The RPGs are known for their immersive storytelling, future tech that lives by the Arthur C Clarke quote “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The great thing about these novels is that you don’t need to have an understanding of the RPGs to enjoy the books. Sure there are some easter eggs thrown in, but these won’t disrupt a fantastic reading experience for those who just love themselves a bit of high tech sci-fi.

Our first tie in novel Numenera: The Poison Eater, arrived in January 2017 and looked a bit like this:

The Poison Eater by Shanna Germain

Then we published The Strange: Myth of the Maker in which looked like this:

Myth of the Maker by Bruce R Cordell

And, come November 2 (UK/Commonwealth) / November 7 (US/Can) we’ll have our third novel! Numenera: The Night Clave, written by Shanna Germain & Monte Cook, focuses on the Aeon priests, who help people to understand and use the mysterious technologies of the past. However, when some of these priests use their knowledge to exploit those who depend on them resistance must come… from the Night Clave.

Today, we wanted to show off the cover, which we think you’ll agree is a real treat! Just look below and feast your eyes on the absolute beauty. The colour, the intricacy, the alien resonance. Isn’t it just incredible? Thanks, Federico Musetti, you have done the Robots proud.

The Night Clave by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain

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