Not how Larry Rostant intended…

Awww so cute! We don’t often seen the characters in our books as cute and shimmery – they’re usually too busy punching or shooting something. Maybe the shimmer of a forcefield or the haze of alcohol… Until today. We’re sure you’ve been plunging into the gaggingly sweet depths of Meitu, and so have we.

We’re a bit upset that robots and masks don’t count as faces in the app (surely some kind of discrimination…) but a few of our cover stars have worked rather well, or at least now have a gentle soft focus, weird blue eyes and shrunken chins. It certainly paints them in a fresh light… apologies to our wonderful cover artists!

Cute or terrifying?

Watch out for Meitu’s insidious permission demands though (we used our Publicity Manager’s phone, sshh, don’t tell her.)

The Ark – Patrick S Tomlinson
Hunger Makes the Wolf – Alex Wells
The Guild of Assassins – Anna Kashina
The Alchemist of Souls – Anne Lyle
Necrotech – K C Alexander
vN – Madeline Ashby

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