Hey there folks,

We wanted to tell you that one of our lovely, lovely authors, Ferrett Steinmetz will be holding an AMA today over on r/fantasy.

Ferrett will be answering ANY and ALL questions you have for him, including all things Flex, The Flux and Fix, setting people on fire, overly elaborate puns, Pokémon Go and the dynamics of polyamorous relationships. He might even through a bit of Magic: the Gathering in too, as he’s a bit of an expert in that field.

Speaking of the man himself,  you may have seen this photo of Ferrett in Rocky pyjamas on the internet, which remains one of our favourite pictures of 2016:


Ferrett has decided to indulge in our love for his Rocky pyjamas by wearing them to his remaining book signings (tonight at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, OR and Thursday at the University Bookstore in Seattle, WA) and , just so long as he raises $500 for Rebecca’s Gift, the charity that helps families who have lost children. This is a charity close to Ferrett’s heart as the eponymous Rebecca was Ferrett’s goddaughter, sadly lost to a brain tumour when just six years old. Rebecca was also the inspiration for the ‘Mancer series’ Aliyah, the coolest character around.

You can read a little more about Ferrett’s charity pledge here.

If you’d like to donate a little cash to Rebecca’s Gift, then here’s the webpage.

So please get to donating people, because Ferrett, in a Rocky suit, at a book signing, is both something we need AND deserve.

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