RiseOfIo_hardcover_144dpiListen up, Wesley Chu fans of America! You, yes you, can purchase your very own limited edition hardcover of The Rise of Io full of exciting extras, thanks to our pals Barnes & Noble.

Firstly, each hardback will be signed by Wes himself. In fact, right now he’s been flown to the Barnes & Noble ultra secret bookbase, somewhere deep beneath the earth’s crust. He’s been working out for this and his bionic arm is at the ready to sign each and every one of them.

The hardcover books will also have a curious deleted scene and commentary from Wes on just why the it had to be cut from the final version of the novel. Trust us, you’ll want to know why…

There will only be 500 copies of the hardcover book, so if you want one, you should move quickly. The books are available for $17.49 in pre-order on the B&N website right now and will go on sale on October 4 for $24.99.

Go get em, Quasing fans.