Korpon Photo 300

PHEW! It’s our second new signing of the week, and we couldn’t be more delighted to have another meat shield valued member of the team.

We’re more than delighted to spread the news that Nik Korpon is joining the Angry Robot team with his new novel The Rebellion’s Last Traitor. You might know Nik from previous crime books such as Stay God, Sweet Angel and Old Ghosts. When we heard that Nik was making a move from hard crime to a more SFF bent we just had to have him, so had our finest team of crack cyborgs round both him and his wonderful family up and transport them to our base.

Here’s what he had to say about the deal:
“I’m so thrilled to finally be working with Angry Robot. What better place to publish a story about scrappy, upstart rebels than the feisty, upstart robots who have taken over the book world. Then again, my book is also about memory thieves, so maybe I’ve been here the whole time . . .”

Your Overlords are glad to have you, Nik. Now just lie back and brace yourself for the nanochip, there’s a good chap.

Head over to SFF World for the official announcement and a great blog post from Nik about the influences apparent in The Rebellion’s Last Traitor and making the move from writing crime into writing science fiction.

The Rebellion’s Last Traitor will be released in June 2017.