Hello, you folks!

We have some rather exciting news to share with you. Jeff Noon, that master of reality-bending science fiction has signed a deal with us for not one but TWO books, the first being A Man of Shadows due for release in August 2017.

For those that might need reminding (WHY?), Jeff is the author of Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning Vurt, which had a 20th Anniversary reissue in 2013, liberally covered with endorsements from many of science fiction’s brightest stars. Last year Vurt was the subject of a successful crowdfunding bid to fund a roleplaying game adaption, which is now in development. Noon’s other popular novels include Pollen, Automated Alice and Needle in the Groove.

Here’s what our Overlord Marc had to say about the deal (he’s a bit of a fan):

I’m going to dispense with all the prim and proper  publisher-speak just for once. Look, you folks, OMFG we just signed up Jeff Bloomin’Noon, with an extraordinarily strong return to active writing duty. I’ve not read a book like this – one part science fiction-mystery, one part total rearrangement of normal reality – since China Mieville’s The City and the City. You should all pray time travel is invented damn soon, so you don’t have to wait all the way until next Summer to read it.

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