Howdy folks!

We have a gorgeous new cover to show off! It’s for the second book in Megan E O’Keefe‘s Scorched Continent series: Break The Chains – continuing the capers of Detan and Tibs that we first saw in Steal the Sky.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Kim Sokol continue the series covers with this stunning and rather vertiginous illustration. You can feel the wind in your hair!

In keeping with her books’ lovable thief and scoundrel duo, Megan has written a blog about friendships in fantasy for you to enjoy and have fuzzy feels about. Our pals at the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog  have been kind enough to share it with the world.

Break The Chains comes out October 4 (US/Can) / October 6 (UK/RoW).

Click on the teaser below to be taken to the full lush cover and Megan’s excellent words. Can you see what they see?


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