Howdy folks,

Today is our seventh birthday! Well, it’s around this time anyhow, so we thought we’d have a little celebration. Here’s what’s up:

Firstly, if you head over to later today we’re offering a super special 7 year prize pack with a selection of 7 brilliant titles from 2009 – 2016, including Flex, Nexus and our first ever title, Slights.

From 2:30PM GMT (that’s 9:30AM EST and 6:00AM PST) we’re going to be around to answer any publishing questions for a few hours, whether you want to know about our processes, future predictions or any advice on writing, we’ll be around to give you any advice you need, or chat about our favourite sci-fi/fantasy. Our authors will be around too, including Matthew De Abaitua, Adam Rakunas, Peter McLean and Patrick S Tomlinson and will happily talk to you about their writing process, journeys to becoming a published author and inspirations. To join in the chat, just use the hashtag #AR7 

We’re also going to be giving on-the-spot prizes throughout the day so make sure to keep a close eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, if you fancy winning some free books.

Here’s to seven years! Thanks for coming along for the ride!