robotjobWould you like to work for Angry Robot in our Nottingham office? You’ll have to wait a little longer, sorry. We did have an entry-level position but that has now closed. Keep an eye on the Jobs tag. We’ll be sure to post any further openings there.

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  1. Would you consider a virtual presence instead of an actual person to assist you? I work from my office at home, but would love to expand my expertise by working for you.

  2. Yeah if you’re ever looking for some sort of online employee, I teach science fiction in the states and have been writing, grading, editing, and teaching composition for fifteen years!

  3. Any way I could assist the assistant from the US?

  4. Would love to apply for this except I’m finishing my creative and professional writing degree this year. Would be happy to work long-distance (I live in Leicester and regularly commute) or if anything similar comes up!

  5. Don’t suppose you’re open to the virtual office so I can work a dream job from Sydney?

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