Howdy Robots!

Behind a tree 10.15.13We’ve got a brand new feature for you over the summer months: Fresh Meat Mondays. (What’s that you say, it’s Tuesday? Well, um…. Oh look, the Goodyear blimp! *sound of metal feet running away*)

Aaanyway, every week we’ll be getting to know one the many lovely new authors we’ve picked up by forcing them to send us a funny pic and answer 10 random questions. First up is the delightful N S Dolkart, who you may remember signed with us last year. His début novel Silent Hall will be hitting all good book stores on June 2 in the UK and June 7 for our North American fans.

So without further ado, here’s Noah:

One Song:
Mack the Knife. I even have footage of my daughter singing it with me when she was 2.

What do you sing in the shower?
Stormy Weather. If I sang Mack the Knife, it would get too loud.

Support a Team?
Like, financially? I went to a Red Sox game once.

Earliest Memory:
Looking in the mirror and seeing that my hair was so blond, my eyebrows would have been invisible if they hadn’t been so shiny. It was brown long before I turned four though, so that must have been a very early memory.

What’s the view from your writing window?
I’m usually lying in bed with the curtain drawn, so, red curtain. If I were standing up and pulled back the curtain, it would be a parking lot for landscaping vehicles. That’s why the curtain’s drawn.

We’re buying…what’ll you have?
A dry gin martini, Bombay Sapphire, extra olives (but NOT a dirty martini – I want to taste that gin).

Would you write full-time if you could?
Oh, hell yes.

If you could ban one thing from the earth, what would it be?
Leaf blowers. They’re loud, smelly, and obnoxious, they contribute to air and especially sound pollution (which is a real and harmful thing, especially for kids), and they perform a task THAT A BREEZE WILL UNDO. And what dreadful consequences would befall us if they were banned forever? Large companies and rich folks would have to hire more people to rake their enormous lawns, which would be a good thing!

Got an irritating/bad habit?
If you ask me a question that has a short answer and a long, complex answer, I won’t give you the short one. I won’t even give you just the long one. I’ll give you both.

Who plays you in the movie?
Meryl Streep. That woman can do anything.

Stay tuned for more Fresh Meat Mondays the next time we remember to do it!