kcPineappleIt’s that time of the week again where you get to see the cold metal heart beneath our cold metal exterior with another Talk Tuesday To Us. This week we’ve interrogated the magnificent K C Alexander, debut author of Necrotech, a transhumanist sci fi called “a violent thrillride” by award-nominated noir urban fantasy author Stephen Blackmoore. Necrotech is set to hit all good bookstores this September, but until then, here’s K C:

One creative person you always wanted to be:
Neil Gaiman

One influence you wish didn’t keep showing through:
The none-too- subtle demand that women pull their punches in life/fiction/work. (I am burning that out with gasoline and a blowtorch.)

Tell us a joke:
What’s the difference between a duck?
No, that’s it. Let me know if you ever find the answer.

What do you sing in the shower:
Whatever song I wake up with in my head. When I was a kid, I was afraid of the shower monsters, so I’d recite the entirety of The Little Mermaid, songs and all, until I was done. Never really made it past “Part of Your World”.
Still not a guppy.

First story you told?
I… uh… are there people who actually KNOW this? I don’t know, I’ve been telling stories forever. Uh…I’m sure it was a lie.
I was on the moon.
With Steve.

What do you say when people ask “Where do you get your ideas from?”
I cringe. And then I grab at my head and get wide-eyed and whisper, “They come from the dark. They’re everywhere. DON’T YOU HEAR THEM?” When they are staring at me in frozen uncertainty, I shrug and say normally, “Dunno, they don’t stop.”
And then people think I’m weird.

Do you have an unusual talent or skill?
I can belch like a mofo. I can run in high heels. I can pop my wrists and shoulders. I sometimes have prophetic dreams, which I assume is a glitch in the Matrix.

If you could share one recipe, what would it be?
One part Guinness, one part GOOD hard cider, drink.

What’s the view from your writing window?
My messy kitchen. …My messy messy living room. And if I turn all the way around, I can look out the sliding glass door at trees!

Complete this sentence: Rewriting is…
…the devil’s work.

Keep an eye out for the next instalment of Talk Tuesday To Us!