Peter Tieryas thrilling new novel United States of Japan went oUSofJn sale in all good bookstores across the land last week and the great reviews have been flying in. Here’s what The Financial Times had to say:

“The novel deftly portrays the horrors of oppression but also, with its giant military  robots, sumo wrestlers and body-transforming technology, is a gleeful love letter to Japanese pop culture.”

And that’s not all, here are just a few of the great things people have been saying about this book:

“Mind-twisting and fiercely imaginative; Tieryas fuses classic sci-fi tradition with his own powerful vision.”
Jay Posey, author of The Legends of the Duskwalker series

“It’s a tense and intriguing read, a blend of alt history and cyberpunk and thriller. 1988 California where San Diego is a razed landscape home to American rebels, and Japanese mechas patrol the coast? Heck yes!”
Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger and The Clockwork Crown

“It’s both a thoughtful examination of humanity’s darker nature and a slam-bang sci-fi adventure.”
B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“A great protagonist, an interesting plot, well paced and executed, with a lot of interesting insights into what the wider expansion of the Japanese empire might have looked like. Definitely recommended to any fans of alternate history, or war stories.”
Strange Currencies

“Fast paced, well researched, and with believably complex characters, this was quite difficult to put down and left me wanting to read more about this setting. With many subtle allusions to existing Japanese popular culture, it’s a tale of complex, divided loyalties which interact in unexpected ways right through to the end. This should appeal to the general science fiction reader, the Japanophile, and the alternate history enthusiast alike.”
Fanboy Comics

“Peter also bravely enters the political arena of history and intra-Asian debates. It’s by far Peter’s most ambitious novel to date. This has also been the most thought-provoking book I’ve read all year. The book excels in its imagery, suspense, and storyline.”

“The plot is thrilling.  I could not put this book down for an extended period of time without wanting to pick it back up again. I kept finding it in my hands to read a bit more. At the root of this story, it is a political-legal thriller set in a scifi world, and that was just what I was looking for when I picked up this book. And the plot is well thought out, intriguing, and moves at a good pace, blending suspense and action perfectly. The characters are well developed, and behave in very believable ways. They are full three dimensional characters that really help with story, and you find yourself interested in them. This book had action, and well crafted action, but it was more than that.  It was that level of depth to this story that took it to the next level.”
Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Corner

“United States of Japan was one of my most anticipated book of the year and I am glad to say that it did not disappoint. The book was full of very cool concepts, it blends alternative history with giant robots, video games and political thriller. ”
The Curious SFF Reader

“United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas is an alternate history tale told in epic adventure style that will take you on bloody journey. The comparisons to Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle will be obvious. The comparison to Homer, or the Orpheus story are not so obvious but are also there.”
Looking For a Good Book

“I had fun reading it. The story was engaging , there was tension and surprise. I was often angry with the book, but I enjoyed that feeling, it was like a ride in a crazy theme park, not the safest kind of fun and slightly insane, but worth experiencing.”
Re-enchantment of the World

“I totally enjoyed United States of Japan, it is exciting with lots of interesting developments, well done characters and presents a very credible alternative historical narrative.”
The Reading Life

“The United States of Japan is a tremendous book, it’s got a wonderfully dark and rich atmosphere, great action, intelligent and twisted story and above all not only does it pay homage to one of the finest authors of the 20thcentury but also continues one of his most celebrated and yet most difficult works — simply wonderful.”
SF Book Reviews

“The United States of Japan is a surreal, weird, and brutal what-if aftermath of a brutal war. Prepare to be horrifyingly awed.”
Gem in the Rough

“Mr Tieryas does an amazing job in weaving a wonderful entertaining yet thought provoking and sometimes disturbing story that I highly recommend.”
Two Nerds Talking

“If I see anything with Tieryas’ name on it in the future I will read it because of the quality of his writing.”
Strange Alliances

“An intelligent, different and very interesting science fiction novel.”
Sense of Wonder

“This is an exciting scifi book that will make you think ‘what if.’”
A Bookish Affair

“It is a dark thriller at its heart, but it is laced with elements of science fiction, alternative history, philosophical discussion and war fiction. And damn, it is a wonderful combination. The United States of Japan is simply brilliant. A dark and brutal thriller set in a dystopian world that will blow your mind, the United States of Japan is one of my reads of the year so far.”
Smash Dragons

“Like China Mieville wrote A Man in the High Castle after seeing Pacific Rim.”
Blackfish Reviews

“Peter Tieryas’ United States of Japan encapsulated horrific authoritarian rule in brilliant writing. What makes this book such a rare gem is that it manages to do all things well. Its writing is clever, careful and beautifully phrased.”
Joe’s Geek Fest

“Overall this is a neat little self-contained mystery using an alternate America as its colourful backdrop. I particularly liked how certain things were just ever so slightly different. Just changed enough to raise an eyebrow. I enjoyed the United States of Japan. It pays deferential homage to The Man in the High Castle, but also manages to be entirely its own beast.”
The Eloquent Page

“United States of Japan sees an author capable of beautiful, evocative prose writing a fast-paced Science Fiction novel of old. This results in a journey through an alternative version of our world that is as fascinating as it is disturbing and as full of emotion as it is full of adrenalin. This novel will stay with readers far beyond the final pages, forcing them to reassess the potential impact of who wins the world’s wars.”
Fantasy Faction

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