Hi, Robot Legions. Sales-and-Marketing-9000 Mike here.

Alien invasions are having a resurgence. But we at Angry Robot want the earth all to ourselves. So we’ve assembled a crack squadron of Angry Robot protagonists to strike back at the alien invaders.

So why not make a contest of it?


Study this screenshot from my game of X-Com 2:


Screenshot 2016-02-09 09.23.38


and identify the Angry Robot characters represented in this alien-fighting fire team.

If you think you know all six, email us at: incoming [at] angryrobotbooks.com.

Subject: Robots vs. Aliens Contest

And then give the full name of the character and the title of at least one Angry Robot novel they appeared in.

Selected winners will receive a DRM-free ebook of a recent Angry Robot title to continue their heroic efforts fighting alien invasion through reading.