Paige-Orwin-websiteGood news! We’ve signed another fabulous new author!

Paige Orwin blew us away with her debut novel, The Interminables, a buddy-buddy urban fantasy based on the online role-playing game City of Heroes. We couldn’t very well let such a great novel get away, so our Phil brokered a deal (world: English, including translation rights) with Sara Megibow of KT Literary for Paige’s soul.

Paige: “All I did was write was a buddy-cop story featuring a time-stealing wizard and a ghostly avatar of war set just after a magical apocalypse-by-kaiju. I wasn’t expecting the legions of Angry Robot to blast a hole in my door, much less inform me that I was going with them under my power or theirs, but I do pride myself on being sensible. I also like keeping both my kneecaps intact. They did let me choose one treasured item to take with me (as long as it was my writing laptop) and I’m even told that the gradual erosion of humanity incurred by the productivity chip won’t bother me too much. In fact, I am ecstatic to work with them–as my new programming certainly does not mandate – and look forward to seeing The Interminables take its place in their formidable arsenal, which is only deployed for peaceful purposes and never intended to aid in their inevitable and impending take-over of the world.”

Phil: “Welcome, Paige, to our evil mechanical army! Your excellent debut is my favorite take on the classic tale of an immortal mystery man teaming up with the ghost of a First World War surgeon to save what’s left of the world after the end of the world. Great stuff!”

Here’s a little bit about Paige:

Paige Orwin was born in Utah, to her great surprise. At the age of nine she arranged to rectify the situation.  She now lives in Washington state, next to a public ferry terminal and a great deal of road construction, and has never regretted the decision. Paige is the proud owner of a BA in English and Spanish from the University of Idaho, which thus far has not proven terrifically useful for job prospects but she knew the risks of a humanities degree going in. She also survived the 8.8 Chilean earthquake in 2010, which occurred two days after her arrival in the country (being stubborn, she stayed an entire year anyway). She began writing The Interminables when City of Heroes was shut down in late 2012.

You can find Paige on Twitter here.

Paige’s website, with tonnes of cool illustrations, is here.

There’s an Interminables Facebook page here.