Alyc HelmsIt’s cover reveal time!

Alyc Helms, author of the fantastic Dragons of Heaven is set to release the second novel in the series, The Conclave of Shadow, in February 2016.

Here’s the synopsis:

Missy Masters — aka the legendary superhero Mr Mystic — owes a lot of people favours after the events in The Dragons of Heaven. And these aren’t easy favours to pay back. So when one of the Argent Aces, Abby Trent, asks for her help in retrieving a Shadow Realms artefact, she figures this will help her pay down at least one of her debts.

The problem: Abby is just as good at getting into trouble as Missy, and before they can recover the artefact, it’s stolen by Abby’s arch-nemesis (and half-sister), the djinni Asha.

They follow Asha to the Divan of the Djinn, a twilight court of Shadow Realms exiles and freedom fighters on the border between Pakistan and India… and Missy and Abby are not welcome there. Missy has to navigate the arcane network of enmities and raise her own status among the Shadow hierarchy to gain allies against Asha and her masters.

After all, friends don’t let friends fight their arch-nemesis alone.

We know that all great new novels need a great cover, so we enlisted the help of Amazing 15, who produced a beautiful cover that really captures the spirit of the book.

Click the teaser image below to be taken to the full reveal over at The Qwillery.


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