There are no prizes for guessing one of the best aspects of publishing: all of the books. So you can imagine our excitement on returning to work after the weekend and being confronted with a mass of boxes from our UK distributor. Barely able to contain his excitement, our Robot Overlord Marc dived in and was quickly surrounded by piles of new books Empire AscendantMythmaker and The Flux, plus speedy reprints of The Dragon EngineTime Salvager and If Then. It’s kept him quiet almost all day, too.

Luckily, we had the cameras on standby to witness one man’s joy unfolding. Here, over a series of 15 photographs, you can witness the transformation from a jaded publisher, coming to work on a Monday morning, to something akin to a kid at Christmas.

Apologies if any photos come across slightly blurred, it’s hard to catch a still of an overexcited Overlord, as you would imagine.