Peacemaker by Marianne de PierresWe are super excited to be able to show you the new cover for Marianne de PierresMythmaker, the second in her Peacemaker series, which is revealed in its full glory over at The Book Plank.

The cover was created by the marvellous Joey Hi-Fi, who was also the man behind the Peacemaker cover, which you can see over to the right.

Marianne: “Joey HiFi has captured the essence of the MYTHMAKER story in his cover. The fox is a surprise spiritual guide to one of the characters, the urban background foreshadows trouble in Mystere, and the man on Virgin’s shirt is Papa Brise. It’s a brilliant interpretation of events. I think I like it even more that the Peacemaker cover.”

Here’s the synopsis for the new novel:

Virgin’s in a tight spot. A murder rap hangs over her head and isn’t likely to go away unless she agrees to work for an organisation called GJIC (the Global Joint Intelligence Commission).

Being blackmailed is one thing, discovering that her mother is both alive and the President of GJIC is quite another. Then there’s the escalation of Mythos sightings and the bounty on her head.

Oddly, Hamish is the only one she can rely on. Life is complicated.

Mythmaker will be released 1 October (UK/R.o.W) / 6 October (US/Can).

Head on over to The Book Plank to see the full reveal, but in the meantime, here’s a little teaser…

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 22.06.38