SasquanContinuing our global quest to attend as many conventions as possible, Angry Robot is at Sasquan this week *waves*

If you’d like to come and see us and get your hands on our September titles before they hit the stores then pop over to the Angry Robot Deathstar Booth, D15 in the Dealer’s Hall. There will be signings, too! See below:


14:00 – Carrie Patel


13:00 – Adam Rakunas
16:00 – Alyc Helms

There are also Angry Robot authors at various panels, signings and Kafee Klatches throughout the con. We’ve made you a handy little guide below, but please remember appearances are subject to change so make sure to check your programmes before hauling ass over to see your favourite Angry Robot writer.


14:00: CC Hall B Autographing—Wesley Chu


12:00: CC Hall B Autographing – Megan E. O’Keefe

13:00: CC Bays 111C Understanding the Science Behind Computers – Ramez Naam

14:00: CC 303A PG-13: Violence, Sex, and Teen Readers – Wesley Chu

15:30: CC 303B Reading – Ramez Naam

16:00: DBT Spokane Falls Suite A/B Writing Diverse Characters – Kameron Hurley


10:00: CC Bays 111C Creative Bio-engineering – Ramez Naam

11:00: CC Bays 111C Writing About SF: Yesterday and Today – Kameron Hurley

13:00: CC 202A-KK1 Kafee Klatche – Wesley Chu (spaces limited to 10, requires advance sign up)

14:30: CC Integra Telecom Ballroom 100B Climate Change—Science and Fiction Ramez Naam

15:00: CC 303B Reading – Wesley Chu

19:00: CC 302AB The Wired Brain – Ramez Naam


13:00: CC 300C Diversity within YA & Middle Grade Fiction – Wesley Chu

16:00: CC 303A Self-publishing—How to Market Your Work – Kameron Hurley


11:00: CC Bays 111C Trends in Hardware, Software & Wetware Ramez Naam

12:00: CC Conference Theater 110 What New Pros Need to Know – Wesley Chu

And don’t forget the Hugo Awards are happening on Saturday night. Wesley Chu is up for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. We have our fingers crossed and will tell you the result as soon as we hear it!

**Please note, Ferrett Steinmetz is no longer attending WorldCon, however is still in the printed programmes.