Years ago, when Jay Posey started down the path of his The Legends of the Duskwalker series, he was joined by two mighty allies: Ramez Naam – brilliant technologist and author of the Nexus trilogy – and Wesley Chu – martial arts master and author of the Tao trilogy. Together they embarked upon a quest to produce three books each, all epic in their own way, and all set to take over the world of sci-fi.

On August 4 (USA/Can) / August 6 (UK/R.o.W) the release of Jay’s Dawnbreaker will mark the end of the journey of the Trilogy of Trilogies. *sob* As the final book of the three trilogies, Jay has decided to hold a competition to win all nine books.

Each of the volumes will be signed by its respective author and will be deposited at your door by glorious winged beasts*.

To enter the competition, just head over to Jay’s website. You have just under a week to enter, so no dilly-dallying.

*the mailperson