A dispatch from our own Robot-at-Large, Mike Underwood:


“The first week of July, Phil Jourdan and I strapped into our Robot Rockets and hurtled through the sky toward the Twin Cities for CONvergence, an excellent fan-run convention totalling around 7000 fabulous fans. But we were far from alone. Seven of our intrepid authors joined us for a weekend of spreading the word about All Things Angry and Robotic.

Anne Lyle, Alyc Helms, Carrie Patel, Craig Cormick, Ishbelle Bee, Patrick S Tomlinson, and Wesley Chu (a CONvergence Guest of Honor!) formed our Angry Robot author detachment for the weekend, speaking on panels about Reinventing Shakespeare, Colonizing Space, and many more.

Anne, Carrie, and Patrick carried out a Robot Invasion with a group reading on Sunday of the convention, yielding some excellent photographic opportunities.


Thanks to the staff of CONvergence, our hosts at the various hotels, and everyone who came up to meet us throughout the weekend. See you next year!”


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