Dear Robot Legions, let me tell you a story about a young cyborg.

Years ago, before I was assimilated into the Angry Robot collective and fitted with the Sales-and-Marketing-o-Tron-9000 system, I was a mere gamer, spending evenings and weekends at my local game store, first as a regular, then as a cashwrap monkey.

Each summer, one thing loomed on the horizon and came to dominate every conversation:


For those that don’t know, GenCon is the largest gaming convention in the USA, and is the height of the gaming world’s season. But even if you know about GenCon, you might not know that it has its own con within a con, the Writers Symposium. And this year, several of our authors will be attending GenCon and most will be on programming at the Symposium.

But they will not be alone.

Next week, I will strap into a landing pod and blast down from Angry Robot Orbital HQ with books and posters in-tow to run an Angry Robot booth in Author’s Alley at GenCon, supporting our attending authors and selling other books from the AR list.

We will have a booth in the dealer hall – Table Z in Author’s Alley. I’ll have books from all of our attending authors as well as a selection of other titles. We have in-booth signings scheduled, and please swing by if you’re a dedicated Angry Robot fan – we want to meet you!


In-booth signings (Table Z – Author’s Alley):


4pm – Wesley Chu


1pm – Wesley Chu
3:30pm – Maurice Broaddus


2pm – Kameron Hurley
3pm – Jay Posey
4pm – Wesley Chu




9am – Writer’s Craft 101 – Room 245 (SEM1577055) (Mike)

9am – Business of Writing 101 – Room 244  (SEM1577108) (Kameron Hurley)

10am – Business of Writing: How to Talk About Your Book – Room 244 (SEM1577109) (Kameron Hurley)

11am – Business of Writing: Early Stage Writing Career —What to Expect – Room 244 (SEM1577110) (Kameron Hurley)

11am – Writer’s Craft: Where to Start the Story – Room 243 (SEM1577156) (Maurice Broaddus)

1pm – Business of Writing: Networking – Room 244 (SEM1577112) (Kameron Hurley)

3pm – Writer’s Craft: Action Scenes – Room 245 (SEM1577061) (Jay Posey)

3pm – Character Craft: Where to Start When Creating Characters – Room 243 (SEM1577160) (Maurice Broaddus)

3pm – Business of Writing: Professional Organizations (SFWA, IAMTW, & More) – Room 244 (SEM1577114 ) (Wesley Chu)

5pm – Business of Writing: Pitching Your Project – Room 244 (SEM1577116) (Patrick S. Tomlinson)

5-7pm – Once & Future Podcast MEGACAST – (SEM1578894) (Kameron Hurley, Wesley Chu, Mike)

7pm – Writer’s Craft – Novel Outlines & Synopses – Room 244 (SEM1577118) (Mike)



9am – Writer’s Craft 101 – Room 244 (SEM1577119) (Kameron Hurley)

12pm – Writer’s Craft: Description Through Dialogue – Room 245 (SEM1577074) (Wesley Chu)

2pm – Writer’s Life: Breaking Writer’s Block – Room 244 (SEM1577126) (Maurice Broaddus)

6pm – Writer’s Craft: Epiphanies & Defining Moments – Room 245 (SEM1577080) (Wesley Chu)

6pm – Worldbuilding: Mythology – Room 244 (SEM1577134) (Mike)



9am – Character Craft 101 – Room 245 (SEM1577084) (Kameron Hurley)

9am – Worldbuilding 101 – Room 244 (SEM1577136) (Jay Posey)

10am – Character Craft: Character Voice – Room 245 (SEM1577086) (Jay Posey & Kameron Hurley)

12pm – Character Craft: Heroic Pairs – Room 245 (SEM1577088) (Jay Posey)

1pm – Tor Presents: Gaming the Novel—How Tabletop Gaming Informs Worldbuilding – Room 243 (SEM1578855) (Wesley Chu)

3pm – Worldbuilding: Creating Languages – Room 244 (SEM1577142) (Mike)

3pm – Writer’s Craft: Magic and the Modern World – Room 243 (SEM1578856 ) (Maurice Broaddus, Patrick S. Tomlinson)

4pm – Worldbuilding: Creating Religions – Room 244 (SEM1577143) (Mike)

6pm – Character Craft: Writing the Other – Room 245 (SEM1577099) (Kameron Hurley & Wesley Chu)



9am – Read & Critique – Room 242 (WKS1578889) (Patrick S. Tomlinson)


See you there!