Twitter was awash with the glow of troll-light and the whisperings of an ancient city named #Trollus on Sunday night, as author Danielle L. Jensen joined a Twitter chat to answer her fans’ burning questions.

Afterwards, we had a quick chat with Danielle about how awesome it was to talk with her fans from across theScreen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.40.40 world: “The Twitter chat was great fun – I plan to do it again after Hidden Huntress hits shelves, but at an earlier time so people in Europe can participate. The host @stolensongbird is Melissa Robles @MeliRobles, who is a student in Mexico. She’s been a wonderful supporter of my books.

There were lots of great questions, and I even had fans up in the middle of the night to participate. @Shynasss  is in France, and it was 4am when she finally signed off! So wonderful to chat with people who love my books.”

Below are just a couple of our favourite tweets from the event, but if you want to find out more, including why Danielle has a jar full of her fans’ tears, then search #Trollus on Twitter.

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