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Festive bonus:

Danielle’s Favourite Christmas Moment


I’ve always envied people who seem to have a personal anecdote for every situation; those with memories – happy, sad, or humorous – sitting at the ready to entertain the listener at a moment’s notice. A strange jealousy for someone who makes a living spinning stories hundreds of pages long, but the truth, nonetheless. Sometimes I think it’s because I spend so much of my time thinking up imaginary things that I forget what has happened in my own life, or at the very least, my anecdotes have been squashed into a small corner where they rarely get much conscious thought. So needless to say, being asked to write about a memory (writing- or reading-related, of course) that is tied to a particular holiday is normally something that would have me scrambling.

But not this time.

Caroline sent me an email asking whether I could write a post about a Christmas memory, and I wrote her back immediately saying that I could. Because it just so happens that December 24, 2008 was the day that I confessed.

Those who’ve read the back cover of Stolen Songbird or encountered my bio on the Internet might recall that the first part of my adult life was spent in a career that could not be more different from writing fiction. Business school, then a job in corporate finance where I spent my days in a black suit talking about rating agencies, ratios, and spreads. But during those years, I developed a secret hobby. One that I told no one about.


I typed away in my spare hours, closing the screen whenever anyone walked by, content to let them think what they would about my activities as long as they didn’t guess the truth. Until that fateful Christmas Eve, when, made bold by several glasses of wine, it all came out. The exchange went something like this:

Me: *takes big mouthful of wine* “So…I’ve been trying to write a book.”

Mom: *Sets glass down* “Really? What sort of book?”

Me: “A fantasy novel. Umm… Want to read what I have so far?”

Mom: *Contemplates what sort of alien has body-snatched her daughter* “Sure.”

An innocent enough exchange for most people; but for me, the moment I admitted that I’d undertaken a challenge no one thought me capable of completing was the moment I put my pride on the line – pride being the single greatest motivator in my arsenal (followed by obstinacy and a healthy dose of competitiveness). And after that, I was no longer trying to write a book – I would write one. And I did.

So Christmas Eve will always remind me of the day that I confessed, and in doing so, started down an incredible path from which I’ve never looked back.

Merry Christmas!


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