Our Robotic Overlord Marc Gascoigne is quite the music fan. But he’s not the only one of our cyber-chipped legion who bops his head to tunes while plotting global domination. Caroline and I both love a good showtune (in fact, I’ve been known to blast a Broadway channel on Spotify when no one else is around in the Angry Robot Orbital HQ).

So for today, I wanted to point out some wonderful science-fictional music for folks to enjoy. Maybe you like some techno while you re-read your copy of Prometheus-Award-winning Nexus, or you’d like some epic orchestral music while visiting Raisa in The Mirror Empire. Here are some tunes to accompany your SF, F, and WTF? life:


Janelle Monae:


Two Steps From Hell:




Jonathan Coulton:



  1. Rush. when it comes to reading or writing Rush are my go to band for SF and F tunes. And plenty of Power Metal too.

  2. More Fantasy than SF, but I do love me some Blind Guardian. Many of their songs incorporate themes or are tributes to genre writers/books like Robert Jordan, Michael Moorcock, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Tad Williams.

    Within Temptation, as a band, are fans of Robin Hobb, their song Hand of Sorrow, is about Fitzchivalry Farseer.

    Iron Maiden, perhaps my favorite metal band, has had SFNal themes in the work for years. “To Tame a Land” is about Dune, the album “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” is basically a tribute and sort-of concept album based on OSC’s ALVIN MAKER books. Just look at their mascot, Edward T. Head

  3. I guess, thanks to *you*, Mike, my current favorite SF song at the moment is “Still Alive” by the aforementioned Mr. Coulton

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