It’s been very busy at Angry Robot HQ lately, and not just because of the fantastic titles we’ve been publishing! I know some of you have noticed I’ve been quieter, and out of the office a few days, but I’m back…and just about in one piece.

10441372_10152241483255642_8836419488324112199_nI play Gaelic Football for Roger Casements GAA Club and just last week we had a very exciting game…the Warwickshire Championship Final. This is one of three competitions we play in throughout the year and, as the county final, it was a big day for the players and the club. These big games require everyone to put their all in, and as I’m captain of the team I expect myself to give even more. However, breaking my foot 10 minutes into a 60 minute game – and continuing to play for the rest of the game – is maybe a bit more than I would usually expect. In my defence, I did think I’d ‘only’ broken my toe or something smaller than my fifth metatarsal!

As our Robot Leader, Marc, declared, we’re tough cookies here at Angry Robot Books!

Unfortunately this fancy shoe I’m wearing does mean I can’t drive and thus won’t be in the office until it’s off, so it’s best to reach me via email for the time being. If you need to have a chat, email me for my mobile number.

Let this be a lesson: don’t mess with the Robot Team…we don’t ever give up!

For anyone interested, here’s a YouTube video* that’ll give you the gist of the national sport of Ireland!

*This video displays the general rules of playing Gaelic Football but not all apply to Ladies Football e.g. we can carry for 5 steps – not 4, and we’re not allowed shoulder-to-shoulder tackles.


  1. Thanks Sally!

    Angela, that’s really cool! I know what you mean though, I’ve discovered I need to use my strength more as the speed has lessened over the years. I love hearing about players like you who came to the GAA without necessarily being Irish, well done.

  2. Would you believe I used to play Gaelic and camogie for the Washington DC Gaels! I had played ice hockey so got recruited when they started the camogie team there. Both are great fun, but I got tired of chasing 20somethings around on the pitch so I stopped playing when I moved to Charlotte.

    Hope your foot isn’t paining you too badly.

    My teammates had a laugh several times when we played a new team because the other teams always wanted to know what county I was from in Ireland but I’m from North Carolina. They were confused because I looked more stereotypical Irish than some of my Irish teammates because I curly strawberry blond hair courtesy of my Scots-Irish ancestors. Had quite a few shocked faces when they heard my southern US accent.

    This is The Exploding Spaceship review column lady in case you don’t recognize the name.

  3. Ouch! Glad that you won, but still ouch! I hope that you heal quickly and well!

  4. To be honest Paul, I’m the same! The pain never increased so I’m hoping the break was just from the initial incident, and not that I made it worse. If we’d lost I would still be beating myself up that I didn’t come off the pitch, but it was a gamble that worked!!

  5. Yowch. Playing while injured…I’m of two minds about that.

    First–you are one tough cookie

    Second–I’d hate to have had an injury aggravated thereby.

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