Anne Zanoni, friend of Angry Robot, needs you: she wants to make the journey from the States to London for WorldCon this August, and in her own words is “seeking help from fellow book lovers and fans everywhere to meet my best friend – and edit more books. No, really.”

For more on Anne’s crowdfunding campaign, click here and for more on Anne’s Activate London Plan click here.

If you can’t donate, please help spread the word!


  1. Not a joke.

    This post is a gift from Angry Robot. I’ve done a lot of work for them.

    Anyone _chooses_ whether to participate in a crowdfund, y’know.

    And it is a great kindness of the folks at AR to post this for me.



  2. Why doesn’t she just pay for the journey herself?



    I made a rough draft many weeks ago for my expenses. It included: my RT flight; passport; food; upgrade to an attending membership; hotel (or hostel).”

    Is this a joke? Passport and food!

    What about clothes and shoes? A new handbag maybe? She’ll probably need a new phone too?

    Am I missing something here? Why doesn’t she just get a job. Any job. Save a little and then travel. If she really must go though then ok. Get others to pay.

    Hey Angry Robot, there are several books published by your good selves that I haven’t got around to buying yet. Any chance you could give them to me for free? Or should I crowdfund them? 😉

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