Yesterday, Tuesday 1 July, marked 5 years from Angry Robot’s first books – Lauren Beukes‘ Moxyland and Kaaron Warren‘s Slights – and throughout this week we are celebrating with daily staff blog posts and giveaways! Author guest posts and other cool giveaways will be popping up on various sites so keep an eye out on Twitter’s #AngryRobot5 for new posts.

If you’ve missed the earlier posts, here’s links to Lee Harris with his Top 5 Reasons Angry Robot Rules and Marc Gascoigne with 5 lessons learned. Next up is Caroline Lambe, Publicity Manager, as always hating writing about herself in the third person. Caroline’s choice of giveaway is a special bumper pack; details are at the end of this post.

To pick 5 favourite characters from a range of books like Angry Robot’s is very hard; I was tempted to write a whistleblowing post on the 5 characters that are my colleagues, but I’m sure the Robot Overlords would send me to the scrapheap if I tried. However, I’ve tried to narrow it down so allow me share with you my Top 5 Characters from our books.

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Feb 2013The Mad Scientist’s Daughter is one of my favourite Angry Robot books, and is responsible for one of my Top 5 Characters: Finn. In Finn, Cassandra Rose Clarke created a character that, although is an android, shows more emotion than most of the human characters. The book explores humanity, consciousness, and love, of which Finn is the embodiment. When I first started this book, I treated Finn warily – he was the outsider who appeared like a ghost to Cat and scared her. But their relationship, of which I was so sceptical, blossoms tenderly, unexpectedly and believably, and all because of Finn. He is a character of impressive emotional range, and is so much more than a tangle of wires and circuits.

“There is nothing else like me in the entire world, said Finn. “That’s what you wrote. I’m the only one. I can’t tell you what it means to be the only one of my kind,” he said. “I can’t…There is a lack in myself. But your thesis almost filled it in. It was…a start.” Finn

The Lives of Tao by Wesley ChuWesley Chu’s debut novel, The Lives of Tao, has received rave reviews and awards, and for me – like many others – Roen is a huge part of the reason. He doesn’t want to be a hero; why can’t he sit at home every evening after work, eating pizza, and being miserable? Roen is that person we fear we will be: stuck in a job we hate, in a rut with our life, and unable to do anything about it. Whilst Tao comes along for Roen and forces a change, The Lives of Tao shows us that we don’t need our own Tao to live inside our heads – and I’m certainly OK without being chased by the Genjix – but we can all change and become the people we want to be.

Plus, Roen has some of the best lines and action scenes: when he confronts the mugger and the bottles don’t break and then asks the mugger for his money? I love Roen!

“I can’t quit. I have rent, and a cat to support.” Roen


Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman, March 2013Between Two Thorns presents a harder choice: Catherine Rhoeas-Papaver or Gargoyle? The gargoyle is hilarious and a great sidekick but plays a far more important role as he articulates Max’s feelings. Cathy is resourceful, brave, and strong but also stubborn, and rebellious with a wicked temper, and pips the gargoyle to the post as my favourite Split Worlds character. 

Cathy is against everything her family believes, the restrictive life of the society in which she was raised, and her struggles against this world feel authentic. She doesn’t lose sight of what she wants, It’s tricky to say too much about Cathy without giving away the events across the trilogy, but if you have yet to visit The Split Worlds, I highly recommend you do.

Plus, if ever you’re in Bath, I dare you to try not look for access to the Nether!

Blackbirds, by Chuck WendigMiriam Black has her first outing in Chuck Wendig’s
Blackbirds, and I unashamedly love her. She might gross and creep me out sometimes, but wouldn’t you be deranged if death following your every move? By simply having skin on skin contact – a fingertip graze, a bump – Miriam can tell where, when, and how you will die. Does she thus try to prevent deaths? HELL, NO. Miriam uses this power to track people about to die, robs their still-warm bodies, and spends the money on her favourite things: alcohol and cigarettes. Blackbirds is morbid and terrifying, and brilliant. It’s utterly refreshing to read a character like Miriam: a foul-mouthed, vile anti-heroine who is laugh-out-loud sarcastic. Beware: if you’re used to reading lighter books, or aren’t OK with some super-gross descriptions, gore, etc, Miriam may not be for you!

“A lady should be respectful,” is all he manages through gritted teeth. He pitches the towel in the corner.
Miriam snorts. “That’s me. My fair fuckin’ lady.” Miriam

The Bullet Catcher's Daughter by Rod DuncanExcuse me, but I think I’m going to cheat a little with my fifth choice! So far, I’ve brought you characters you may have already read and liked – or loathed – but for my final character, I’m picking an upcoming: Elizabeth Barnabus from The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter, publishing Sept, 2014. Rod Duncan is an award-winning crime novelist and it shows as he creates a clever story, in a novel exploring many boundaries. Elizabeth is a courageous cross-dressing private detective, who takes on the persona of her imagined twin brother, Edwin, to solve the mystery of a missing aristocrat and a hoard of arcane machines. She is cunning, an accomplished liar, and an adept reader of people.

She is driven, intriguing, and her dialogue is snappy and brings her to life. I can’t wait for you all to meet Elizabeth Barnabas!

“I’m no more than a shadow, and can have only such friendships and feelings as a shadow might.” Elizabeth

So, what do you think? Did I leave out your favourite character or do you totally agree / disagree with who I’ve picked? Who would your Top 5 Angry Robot characters be? Tweet us @angryrobotbooks to join the conversation and don’t forget to use our #AngryRobot5.

Caroline’s Giveaway

For my giveaway, instead of 5 copies of 1 book, I’m going to go with a bumper prize pack of these 5 books! If it’s my choice, I might as well give you 5 of my favourite books to enjoy. So, one winner will receive The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, The Lives of Tao, Between Two ThornsBlackbirds, and The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter.

Entry Details

To enter, comment below and tell us your most memorable book character. It doesn’t have to be from Angry Robot, but any character you loved – or indeed love to hate – in a book. Winner will be picked at random, no geographical restrictions. Entries will close tomorrow, Thursday, at 12.01pm BST, when we will have Mike’s post with another giveaway!


  1. Granny Weatherwax from Discworld. My favorite character, my most memorable character, the best character I know.

  2. For me, the most memorable character is a tie between Harry Crewe from Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword and Mairelon from Patricia C. Wrede’s Mairelon the Magician.

  3. Like many people it’s tough to make it just one character as any book you’re fan of there is someone you can relate too and enjoy (or hate) which is why you keep reading said book, amiright?

    I thought of David Drayton from The Mist, Zaphod Beeblebrox from Hitchhikers and St. George from the Ex-Heroes series, but the title of top character of all time would go to…

    Wade Watts from Ready Player One. First character I ever read that I truly felt like that understood what I’ve gone through in my life.

  4. This is an awfully hard question! I’ll have to pick Anthem Fleet from Amelia Kahaney’s The Brokenhearted. A cyborg ballerina superhero!

  5. Mine has to be the nameless Narrator of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club! – who is surely double the worth of other protagonists… 😉

  6. The most memorable, non AR character is Miles Vorkosigan from Lois Bujould’s Vorkosigan series.

  7. The first character that crossed my mind is Meda from The Soul Eater series. That girl is something else and her sarcasm is amazing. I like the sound of these too. I hope to meet them one day 🙂

  8. Stan Markowski.

  9. Spofforth from Mockingbird by Walter Tevis

    I love that book.

    For anyone that hasn’t read Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig yet, then you bloody well should! And I have some good news for you. He gave it away on his blog at Christmas last year and it’s still available for download on his blog. So go download it. Read it. Love it. And then go buy Mockingbird. After that go buy The Cormorant.

    It’s available for the Kindle and ePub here:

  10. This is very difficult to decide but I’m going with…

    Professor Severus Snape was definitely memorable – a hated, heroic character who did it for love and maybe redemption? Great to read!

  11. Tough! 🙂 *thinking*
    But I will never forget Belgarion from Edding’s series’ For the simple reason that it was the first fantasy series I read. And by reading fantasy I was introduced to so many other genres. Also I had a total character crush on him, lol.

  12. Probably one my most memorable characters is Nimue Alban/Merlin Athrawes from David Weber’s Safehold series. Merlin (male) is basically a robotic avatar of the long-dead Nimue (female) who is trying to rebuild the tech base of a deceived humanity who are the last survivors of a human genocide. Along the way, she/he has to battle a church based on lies and figure out how to retain his/her humanity in the face of it.

  13. My most memorable character – Hari Michaelson/Caine from Matthew Stover’s “Acts of Caine” novels, which begin with HEROES DIE.

  14. Oh, boy! I’ll go with an easy choice: Lisbeth Salander from “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

  15. You mean I have to pick just one character? But there are so many good ones!

    I suppose when it comes to memorable, the first character to leap out in my mind is Vanyel Ashkevron, from Mercedes Lackey’s “Last Herald-Mage” trilogy. Honestly, he’s he embodiment of a Marty Stu, the kind of character that many people love to hate because he’s got more power than anyone else and is often angsting about it all, but I love the guy. The books he’s in were my intro novels into the world of fantasy and sci-fi, his story is a very comforting reread (even if it makes me tear up at the end), and for all that he is a bit of an angstmuffin, he still plays a pivotal part of that world’s history and knows when to put aside personal desires for the greater good. So for me, I’d have to say he’s the most memorable character.

  16. Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde’s books – she sometimes has problems remembering who she is, but I will never forget her!

  17. I pick Red Schuhart from Roadside Picnic. So flawed, so disillusioned, but such tenderness for his damaged little monkey daughter.

  18. To go outside genre, I would say the most memorable character in my recent shelflife is Amy Dunne from Gone Girl. Love to hate her, that is.

    Thanks, Caroline!

  19. I’m gonna go with Druss the Legend. The embodiment of heroic fantasy.

  20. Most Memorable book character? Good grief, you don’t make it easy.

    Prince Corwin of Amber, in Zelazny’s Amber novels.

  21. There’s so many I could list here, but recently I loved following the adventure and evolution of Joe Spork in Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker.

  22. You made is soooo hard with just one character to choose.

    Well, if it is just one it has to be ‘Elric’ created by Michael Moorcock.

  23. You picked some nice characters!

    For me, the most memorable character would have to be Nighteyes from Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy.

  24. If it were limited to Angry Robot books then it would have to been Zinzi December from Zoo City, complete with sloth.

    For wider genre fiction then Childermass, from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell.

  25. Lawrence Block’s Matthew Scudder

  26. The character that sticks in my memory the most is Jay Posey’s character Three. Not only does he have a cool name but he’s a real enigma, and the world he inhabits suits him well. I know I’ve chosen an Angry Robot character but since the winners are randomly drawn I can’t be accused of trying to curry favour!

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