At the start of the month, Senior Editor Lee Harris and Exhibit A editor Bryon Quertermous and I all climbed into our Angry Robotic jets and hurtled through the sky to Phoenix, Arizona, where we promptly melted.

End of story.

Not quite. The heat was intense, and it put our cooling systems into over-drive, but we managed to make our way to the convention center for Phoenix Comic-Con.

We had a booth in author’s alley, proud neighbors to many of the members of the illustrious Taco Chuch. We were excited to be supporting three Angry Robot authors (Wesley Chu, Jay Posey, Chuck Wendig) and one Strange Chemistry author (Danielle Jensen) at the convention, and to spread the good word of SF/F/WTF? to new readers.

Our authors had panels here and there all weekend, taking breaks by hanging out at the booth and selling books by their sheer radiant presence.

Lee Harris and I lead an Angry Robot preview panel, which has been summarized in great style here. (Highlights – interpretive dance, competitive comps, and manstresses).

Phoenix Comic-Con had a very well-designed and well-run literary track, and the staff overall did a great job, especially considering how rapidly the convention has been growing (It had 55,000 attendees last year, and 77,000 this year). Despite the brutal heat, all robot units returned home operational and ready to continue operation.

Next stop, CONvergence!

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  1. As of right now, you’re all my rock stars of the written word. You guys rocked the hell out of Phoenix Comic-Con. That heat was intense. I’m glad no one melted under that scorching sun.

    This was my second convention, ever, and I’m glad to have picked Phoenix to visit. I’ve been looking into writing professionally for some time now, and figured I’d better start meeting and listening to those in the know.

    You were all fantastic. I attended a few of your panels and visited the Angry Robot Books booth where I collected six new titles, meeting Mike Underwood, Lee Harris, Jay Posey and Chuck Wendig, all of whom were just as awesome in person as they are talented at their respective crafts. I’m looking forward to buying several more titles when they become available later this year (The Mirror Empire, hell yeah).

    Thank you for coming to Phoenix. I hope to see you all again at another convention. Maybe I’ll be able to take one of you to lunch, hear your stories, talk a little shop, eat some good food. Until then, cheers.

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