Tuesday 1 July marks 5 years from Angry Robot’s first books – Lauren Beukes‘ Moxyland and Kaaron Warren‘s Slights – and we are celebrating this anniversary, over the next 5 days, with daily staff blog posts and giveaways! Author guest posts and other cool giveaways will be popping up on various sites so keep an eye out for our #AngryRobot5 on Twitter for new posts.

First up is our Senior Editor, Lee Harris, with his Top 5 Reasons Angry Robot Rules, and his choice of giveaway is The Knights of Breton Court (omnibus edition x 5) by Maurice Broaddus. Details of this giveaway, and why Lee chose The Knights of Breton Court are at the end of this post.

Top 5 Reasons Angry Robot Rules

5. A Home for New Talent

In the 5 years since Angry Robot first started publishing, we’ve published the debut novels of TWENTY-ONE authors:

Lauren Beukes – Moxyland
Kaaron Warren – Slights
Mike Shevdon – Sixty-One Nails
Aliette de Bodard – Servant of the Underworld
Lavie Tidhar – The Bookman
Ian Whates – City of Dreams and Nightmare
Maurice Broaddus – King Maker
Guy Haley – Reality 36
Jo Anderton – Debris
Adam Christopher – Empire State
David Tallerman – Giant Thief
Chris F Holm – Dead Harvest
Anne Lyle – The Alchemist of Souls
Madeline Ashby – vN
Lee Battersby – The Corpse-Rat King
Lee Collins – The Dead of Winter
Ramez Naam – Nexus
Emma Newman – Between Two Thorns
Wesley Chu – The Lives of Tao
Jay Posey – Three
Craig Cormick – The Shadow Master

With plenty more to come, including:

Carrie Patel – The Buried Life
Susan Murray – The Waterborne Blade
Ferrett Steinmetz – Flex
Ishbelle Bee – The Singula and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath
Alyc Helms – The Dragons of Heaven

4. Marc Gascoigne Wins the 2011 World Fantasy Award

Angry Robot founder and head honcho Marc Gascoigne won the World Fantasy Special Award (Professional) for his work in setting up and running Angry Robot. And bloody well deserved it was, too!

3. DRM-free ebooks

We’re big fans of the ebook format, and we know that many of you are, too. We’re also big fans of not crippling the format with unnecessary and impractical restrictions. This is why we’ve always been DRM-free, and always will be.

2.  Clonefiles – Ebook /Paperback Bundling

We believe if you’ve paid for a paperback you should get the ebook included. In 2012 we ran a limited pilot in the UK to offer this service through independent bookshops. In 2013 we announced we would be opening this pilot up to indie stores in the US, and this has started to happen. It was such a great idea that Amazon announced their version of the programme shortly after us (though many of the ebooks in their Matchbook scheme have to be paid for, albeit at discount).

1. Those Covers!

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. I say bollocks. But whatever your thoughts on the matter, you certainly can judge a publisher on its covers. And look at some of the gorgeousness we’ve brought you over the last five years, under Marc Gascoigne’s Art Directorshipness. Take your time. Appreciate the different styles, and the love that has gone into each and every one.

Empire State by Adam ChristopherThe Marching Dead by Lee Battersby, April 2013

Zoo City by Lauren BeukesThe Lives of Tao by Wesley ChuThe Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Feb 2013Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmThe Damned Busters by Matthew HughesThe Alchemist of Souls by Anne LyleThree, by Jay Posey, artwork by Stephen Mayer-RassowHeartwood by Freya RobertsonSixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon, new cover artThe Great Game by Lavie Tidhar - you know you want itNightTerrors-300dpiSlights - in UK stores 1 July 09Blackbirds, by Chuck Wendig


Lee’s Giveaway

CThe Knights of Breton Court cover (Joey HiFI) - October 2012aroline has asked me to choose a book for today’s giveaway.

Maurice Broaddus’s King Maker (first of the Knights of Breton Court trilogy) was the first book I actively championed when I joined Angry Robot. It’s a fantastic retelling of the Arthurian myth, set on the mean streets of Indianapolis. So, my giveaway is going to be the entire trilogy: The Knights of Breton Court x 5!

Entry Details

To enter, simply comment on this post with your Top 5 TV shows. Winner will be picked at random. Entries will close tomorrow, Tuesday at 12.01pm BST, when we will have Marc’s post with another giveaway!

For brownie points, join in our #AngryRobot5 conversation on Twitter and tell us about your favourite Angry Robot book, or if you haven’t read one yet, which you would like to pick first! Don’t forget to include us: @angryrobotbooks


  1. 1.Seinfeld
    2.Game of Thrones

  2. 1.Game of Thrones

  3. 1. Firefly
    2. Battlestar Gallactica
    3. Avatar the Last Airbender
    4. Cowboy Bebop
    5. Babylon 5

  4. 1. Breaking Bad
    2. Orphan Black
    3. Game of Thrones
    4. American Horror Story (but only the first season and sort of the second)
    5. Boston Legal

  5. Mm, like Caroline, not sure I can really play either. [Also, um, I can’t think of more than two or three TV shows.]

    But I wanted to point out that of those 21 debut authors, I copyedited 6 of them. Had a lot of really lovely books that I got to work on through Angry Robot. I almost feel like I should do a poster of the covers… 8)



  6. 1 – Sherlock Holmes – The series with Jeremy Brett as Holmes.
    2 – Till Death Us Do Part
    3 – Steptoe and Son
    4 – The Twilight Zone – The original series 1959-1964.
    5 – The X Files

  7. 1.) Hannibal
    2.) Breaking Bad
    3.) Mythbusters
    4.) Sherlock
    5.) House MD

  8. 1 The Wire
    2 The Walking Dead
    3 Firefly
    4 Doctor Who
    5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    I feel I’ve pigeon holed myself.

  9. 1. True Blood
    2. Six Feet Under
    3. Breaking Bad
    4. Dexter
    5. Silicon Valley

  10. 1. Leverage
    2. I.T. Crowd
    3. The Good Guys
    4. Farscape
    5. Firefly

  11. In no particular order: Firefly, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, The Mentalist.

  12. 1. Castle
    2. X-Files
    3. Frasier
    4. Firefly
    5. NCIS

  13. 1.NCIS
    2.The Borgias
    5.Black Adder

  14. Doctor Who
    The Wire
    The West Wing
    Breaking Bad

  15. 1. The Big Bang Theory
    2. Fringe
    3. Face Off
    4. Bones
    5. Friends

  16. 1. Supernatural
    2. Sherlock
    3. The Mentalist
    4. Doctor Who
    5. Malcolm in the Middle

  17. 1) MST3K
    2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    3) Mythbusters
    4) Sailor Moon
    5) FaceOff

  18. 1. Star Trek Voyager
    2. Fringe
    3. Doctor Who
    4. NCIS
    5. Smallville

  19. 1) Battlestar Galactica
    2) Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    3) The Event
    4) Flash Forward
    5) Homeland

  20. In no particular order:
    1. Black Adder
    2. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
    3. Dead Like Me
    4. Community
    5. Only Fools and Horses

  21. not easy AT ALL!
    Off the top of my head:

    1. Prisoner
    2. Green Wing
    3. Jeeves and Wooster
    4. Doctor Who
    5. Inspector Montalbano

  22. 1. Game of Thrones
    2. Dr Who
    3. The Big Bang Theory
    4. Fargo
    5. Battle Star Galactica

  23. 1. Breaking Bad
    2. Vikings
    3. Suits
    4. Chuck
    5. Big Bang Theory

  24. Shit, This is way harder than I first thought, do I leave out the animes or not?

    1. The Office (UK)
    2. Friends
    3. Cheers
    3. House MD
    4. Supernatural/FMA
    5. Breaking Bad

  25. My Top 5 (this year, anyway!)

    1. Samurai Jack
    2. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    3. The West Wing
    4. Elementary
    5. Pushing Daisies

    Best of luck with the birthday celebrations! 🙂

  26. (No particular order because that’s insanity-making)

    1. Sons of Anarchy
    2. Orphan Black
    3. The Musketeers
    4. Castle
    5. Vikings

  27. 1. Breaking Bad
    2. The Wire
    3. Twin Peaks
    4. Mad Men
    5. Battlestar Galactica (2004)

  28. Obviously, I can’t enter but here is my Top 5 TV shows list anyway:

    1: Breaking Bad
    2: Suits
    3: Sons of Anarchy
    4: Orange is the New Black
    5: House of Cards

  29. As of right now, not necessarily in order of “best”:

    1. Person of Interest
    2. Orphan Black
    3. Brooklyn 99
    4. Longmire
    5. Justified

  30. 1. Doctor Who
    2. The Wire
    3. Breaking Bad
    4. Deadwood
    5. Flight of the Conchords

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