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They may only have had their birthdays yesterday but we thought we’d bring you some early reviews of our new June titles: Night Terrors by Tim Waggoner and the White Towers by Andy Remic!

Night Terrors by Tim Waggoner

Night Terrors, by Tim Waggoner“The relationship between Audra and Jinx is one of my favorite parts of the book. Night Jinx is her loose cannon partner. Day Jinx is like a mother hen and makes Audra look like the loose cannon. It makes Night Terrors one of the most dysfunctional buddy cop stories in history. Four out of five stars.” – Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog

“This book was probably the most fun I have had reading a book in over a year. Five very large stars to this book!” – Shelby (Goodreads) 

Night Terrors is a ridiculously fun book to read – a concoction of nightmares, detective drama, and the supernatural that stretches the fabric of reality and bleeds surreal through the seams. I’m pleased that it’s the first in a series focusing on the Shadow Watch as Jinx is one nightmare that I, as a reader, wouldn’t mind reoccurring.” – Just a Guy that likes to Read

“Tim Waggoner’s first book in the Shadow Watch series is a highly imaginative, wholly original sci-fi/fantasy/mystery/dark fantasy mashup. This really was a fun read.  I’m hooked, and will be looking forward to the next Shadow Watch book. Looking for a good book?  Night Terrors is a rollicking fun mystery in the creepiest sorts of ways!” – Looking for a Good Book

“Waggoner has created an intense and unique Urban Fantasy world that I didn’t want to leave. Though I’m not sure what that says about my psyche!” – Alysa (Goodreads)

“Oh man, what a fun and insane ride!! I loved it! Where do I get my own Jinx?” – Rebecca Lea (Goodreads) 

“This is quite the adventure story, a lot happening all around us.  The sly humor is a refreshing break in what is a normally serious genre.  The camaraderie between Audra and Jinx keeps the characters real (or as real as an ideator and incubus can be).   This is a bit of a Sci-Fi Horror mix and made for an enjoyable read.  Perhaps there will be more misadventures?” – Horror Novel Reviews

The White Towers by Andy Remic

The White Towers by Andy Remic“Remic has gone and done it, I PUT DOWN what I was reading to read The White Towers. Why would I strap on the meat suit and jump in the dog pit you ask? well…I’ll tell you. Because my dear reader The Rage of Kings series is a visceral thrill ride of dark fantasy FOR GROWN FOLK. The wolves aren’t nice folks and honestly, being nice is over rated. This time around a bit of heart and soul was introduced to the chaos and I devoured every page. I am offically adding Andy Remic to my buy on sight list.”  – The Ghost Works

“Great book, highly imaginative dark fantasy.” – Grimdark Fantasy Reader

“Similar to the likes of Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence, Andy Remic constructs a gritty and engaging series populated with compelling anti-heroes. Remic’s ability to spin a yarn sucked me right back into the world of the Iron Wolves and kept me reading much, much too late at night.” – Rachel (Goodreads)

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