Hang Wire by Adam ChristopherTo celebrate the publication of our 100th book in a week or so (Hang Wire by Adam Christopher), readers of Tor.com in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) can win a flash USB drive containing all 100 books (plus a few extra surprises).

For readers everywhere else who are not eligible to enter, we’ll have something for you very soon. Oh, yes.


  1. Gail Ofterdinger-Ledgister

    Loved the Lives of Tao, Kingmaker and Zoo City. Met the tablepeople at Worldcon San Antonio. Keep it coming or phasers will not be set to stun.

  2. I have a new blog and have been including book reviews…. the more books the better for a bibliophile such as myself!

  3. Congratulations on 100 books! I am currently taking a few minutes away from my obsession with Emma Newman’s Split World series to check FB and email, and to send best wishes. I hope the next 100 contain more books by this wonderful author!

  4. Alot of great reads. Would love to win to see all the ones i havent read

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