Over the last four-and-a-bit years, we’ve published a range of SF/F/WTF? that we’re immensely proud of; from our very first titles, Moxyland by Lauren Beuekes and Slights by Kaaron Warren to today’s 100th title, Adam Christopher‘s Hang WireWe’ve had award-winners (Lauren’s Zoo City), great sellers (such as Ramez Naam‘s Nexus, amongst many more) and critically-acclaimed titles, such as Cassandra Rose Clarke‘s The Mad Scientist’s Daughter (also just nominated for the Philip K. Dick award!).

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve put together a range of special events. We’re giving away 10 copies of Hang Wire over on Goodreads, and for the past week have been running an exclusive competition with Tor.com to win a USB with ALL 100 books, as well as lots of other goodies popping up around the web.

Today – the US/ebook launch date of Hang Wire – we are launching a special Robot Trading Company promotion: 100 Books for £100. On a normal day, all 100 titles would sell for £545… a recession busting saving of £445! You can choose between a single 43Mb zipfile containing all 100 ebooks and a bundle version which will allow you to download all 100 titles individually.

This is available for the first 100 purchasers only, so be sure to take advantage of our temporary celebration madness!