Ramez Naam‘s Nexus has been getting rave reviews since its release at the beginning of this year, as has its sequel Crux, with some of the biggest attention focusing on Paramount Pictures acquiring the screen rights to Nexus. As is traditional at this time of the year, book round-ups are appearing, and we’re delighted to see that Nexus has been included in NPR’s 2013’s Great Reads!

Annalee Newitz, i09 and author of Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction, has recommended Nexus as ” a fascinating look at an all-too-plausible future.”

Here’s the full recommendation:


By Ramez Naam

FILED UNDER: Science Fiction & FantasyMysteries & ThrillersIt’s All Geek To MeRather Long

This exciting debut novel from futurist Ramez Naam is about a group of graduate students who create an incredible new technology called Nexus that allows people to run software in their brains — and even link their minds together like computers in a network. But in Naam’s mildly dystopian future, the US government is trying to shut down any human-enhancement tech that could prove dangerous. Our heroes are in a cat-and-mouse game with government agents, fleeing to Thailand, where they discover that a secret group of Buddhist monks and scientists has plans for Nexus that could usher in a new era of empathy and peace – or generate brainwashed soldiers who do nothing but obey. This is a fascinating look at an all-too-plausible future.

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Nexus by Ramez NaamCrux by Ramez Naam


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