Well, we’ve had a great 2013, so far (still a week to go!) but here’s a round-up of our 12 Days of Christmas blogs – and don’t forget, you can pick up ebook copies of all of our featured authors for one shiny UK pound! (About US$1.33). See the authors blog posts below, for details of this offer.

The Staff blogs:

Vicky’s Christmas Advent Calendar

Abi’s Secret Santa Christmas

Lee’s Best of the Year

Wanda – Chanumas

Suzannah – The Best Christmas Film Ever (That’s not the name of the film, by the way)

The Author blogs:

Karen Sandler – On the 1st Day of Christmas, it was Hanukkah

Julianna Scott – 12 Days of Christmas

Joseph D’Lacey – A Christmas Donkey

Wesley Chu – Christmas Blog

Laura Lam – Winter Holidays in Ellada

Madeline Ashby – a Very vN xMas

William Sutton – A Shilling Shocker Short Story

Kim Curran – Summoning Santa

John Matthews – Christmas Blog Post

Sean Lynch – Christmas Reflections

Cassandra Rose Clarke – Midnight Mass

Chuck Wendig – Christmas is Death

We hope you have the best {insert your favoured holiday break of choice here} you’ve ever had, and here’s to a fantastic 2014!


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