As part of our authors’ 12 Days of Christmas, which will start on Friday 13, the AR/SC/EA team have been given space to blather on about what Christmas means to them. Earlier today we had our intern, Vicky, and now it’s the turn of Abi Pukaniuk, our Production Controller!

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I regard myself as one of those Christmas Geeks: I get excited when it hits December; I rally the troops to get everywhere decorated; and am always singing Christmas songs. I also LOVE to wrap Christmas presents. An ambition of mine is to set up a stall in the local shopping centre and get people to pay me to wrap their presents. I am quite good at it, and always go the whole hog with ribbon, bows and all sorts.

This year, I was put in charge of the work Secret Santa. As a Production person, this task fits my skills. But what a hell of a job! It didn’t just include the Angry Robot team in Nottingham, but the whole Osprey Group. In total, that means about 50 people in Osprey’s Oxford office, approx. 25 people in the Watkins London office, 5 people in the US office, and then the 5 Angry Robots.

At the start I was excited and straight away created the Secret Santa draw box!


 (Pretty good if I say so!)

As people pulled names out of the hat, I thought I should be organised and write down who everyone has. Then, no-one should have themselves, and I can make sure all the presents get to their final destinations correctly!

The Christmas party was the day the Secret Santa presents were handed out. Just from the Oxford and New York offices, I had 3 Santa sacks of presents to get to London. Once we were at the restaurant, I had another Santa sack full of presents containing the presents from the Watkins office and Angry Robot team.

With everyone mixed on 5 tables, it was a task to get everyone’s presents in table order to start dishing them out. But I had managed to persuade a good colleague and friend of mine, who always likes a laugh and loves to dress up, to help me out…

Please have a round of applause for Martin, aka Mrs Claus!


If it wasn’t for this guy, I would have exploded from the stress of organising the Secret Santa.

If you are organising a Secret Santa in the future or currently, good luck, and I hope you don’t have such a huge task like I did! But at least, it was successful and hasn’t put a dampner on my Christmas spirit!

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