A friend shared this rant by Ben Babcock, and I have to say that if we got hate mail like this every week, our digital morale would never waver, even amidst minefields of super-magnets and EMP grenades.

I despise Angry Robot. Because of them, I have a massive backlog of DRM-free ebooks in my Dropbox, which I can read anywhere from my phone or tablet. Because of their stupid subscription model, where I can pay in advance and download their new titles every month, I have reliable, consistent exposure to new voices in SF/fantasy and fascinating new novels. Because of their terrible habit of actually responding me to me as a person, not just a consumer, their customer support has always been responsive and satisfactory—they always seem to reply to me on Twitter, and in emails they are courteous and helpful. I seldom have this experience with any other company, and so, naturally, this made me angry.

Also, they lie. Never once have I interacted with a robot instead of a real person, and even if I did, it certainly wasn’t very angry. This is false advertising in the worst possible way.

That’s why when they started their Strange Chemistry imprint, I immediately bought a subscription for that as well. I hate them that much, that I needed to use my wallet to make sure they heard my vocal displeasure with their business model.

In short, Angry Robot is doing an awful job emulating the bigger publishing houses. They have ruined my life by making available more books than I can possibly read in any reasonable amount of time. I’m sure that my eyesight will eventually go from staring at my tablet screen for so long, and when it does, I will blame them.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, people. Don’t fall into the Angry Robot’s trap. If you buy from them, you will soon drown in books, go blind, and be immensely satisfied.


So thank you, Ben. Your hate makes us strong. We hope to enrage you with our business practices for many years to come.


  1. I’ve been a member of the Robot Army for many years and I am consistently impressed with the books I get to read, BEFORE they are publicly available.

    You guys rock hard.

  2. Ben,

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. Now that ANGRY ROBOT has found you, and stolen your soul, you’re going to wish it was ‘THE MATRIX’ instead. The ANGRY ROBOT army of awesome authors, and its diabolical sidekick, STRANGE CHEMISTRY, have infested your psyche faster than an Orwellian bureaucrat robs you of free will. And if you think uttering the phrase, “Klaatu barada nikto” is going to keep this robot from vaporizing your desire to stop reading its line-up, think again.

    Resistance. Is. Futile. Embrace the ANGRY ROBOT; it knows where you live…

  3. I have the same issue as Ben. Damn you Angry Robot and your awesome books!

  4. “It’s a Trap!”

    Hmm, seems my leg is caught in the same trap as Ben.

  5. I like making people angry, and hateful. It’s just that spiteful in the Angry Robot HQ.

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