We write 'em, you sell 'emWell, we said we’d do it!

We are about to open our doors to unagented submissions, again. We’ve been gazing across the office in awe of the quality of open submissions that have been flying across the Strange Chemistry desk, and quite frankly, we want some of that in our inboxes, thank-you very much!

So, from the end of this week through to the end of the year we will be accepting submissions from authors without agents (authors with agents are also still welcome, of course!)


What sort of books will you be looking for?
SF, F and WTF.

What does that mean?
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and What the Fuck?

That’s what it stands for, not what it means.
OK, grumpy-boots. We’re after good stories told either in science fiction or fantasy settings, or with SF or fantasy flavours. You can mix in other genres if you like – we’ve had fantasy westerns, science fiction romance, urban fantasy crime, horror musicals (actually, we haven’t had that last one, but how cool would that be?) and many more variations. If it contains SF and F we’d love to see it.

You’re open until the end of the year, huh? Cool – I’ll send you my Nanowrimo book.

Why the “Hmmm”? Are you anti-Nanowrimo?
Not in the slightest. It’s a fabulous way to kick-start the creative juices, but it’s unlikely you’ll start and finish a novel of sufficient quality (and length) in time, if you’re starting to write on November 1st.

I might…
Yes, you might. And if you do, great.

What do you mean by “sufficient length”?
Oo-err. We can be a bit flexible, but a guideline of 75-110,000 words for SF and 95-140,000 words for fantasy is realistic.

You’ve published books longer than that.
That’s not a question.

OK – what if I have a book that’s longer than that? Will you still look at it?

What if it’s much shorter?
If it’s much shorter than 75,000 words, then probably not, no. If it’s a bit shorter, then yes.

Define “a bit shorter”.

Anything else you can tell me?
Check back later this week for more information. Everything you need to know will be on this site by Friday night.

What if I have any questions before then?
We admire your enthusiasm, but please don’t send them. Everything will be made clear later this week.



*Questions that we think would be frequently asked if we hadn’t already addressed them.
(We can’t mark them as FAQ yet, as we’ve not had any Qs)

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  1. Is it just original content?
    Or can it have Doctor Who & Thor the mix?

  2. Here all week, ladies and gentlemen – tip your waitress!

  3. So, I have this batman fanfic I wrote. It’s excellent. Can I submit?

  4. Lee,

    I’m sure you’re interested in a collection of my blog posts. Submission incoming.

  5. Can it have been self-published previously as an e-book or on Amazon?

  6. Justin – we can’t wait!

    Brandy – see the last question and answer pairing in the blog post, above…

  7. I sent in my fantasy novel last time you had an open door in 2012. It has now been substantially edited with the help of a professional editor. Can I try again, or did I blow my chances?

  8. Suzanne, I refer you to the same question/answer I directed Brandy to…

  9. Wesley, your Batman fanfic sucks. Now, MY Batman fanfic…

  10. Batman fanfic is so last year… This year belongs to my Blue Beetle/Booster Gold ‘shipping extravaganza!

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  12. DEAR SIR:

    Attached is my epic superhero ballroom dancing New Adult bromance, “Contra Cape Cha Cha.” It is one million words long and contains drawings which I have done in crayon. It speaks to the audiences of the Twilight Saga, Iron Man, and the six cats who keep coming round to my backyard. I have twenty-two sequels outlined. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Adam Rakunas, NOT A CRAZY PERSON

  13. Are Fan Fictions accepted??

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  15. Lee, will you be employing readers for the open window, and could one apply for that?

  16. Chris – we don’t know yet. It’ll largely depend on the volume we receive. At this stage, we’re expecting to handle all the submissions internally (that is, by the Editors).

  17. Adam – what’s the best address to send the contract? Sorry – I meant restraining order (I always get those two mixed up).

  18. Are you interested in Middle Grade fantasy?

  19. Jeff – read the blog post again.

  20. I have a mash up of fantasy/dark humor/horror/paranormal, but it is only about 85,000, is it still eligible?

  21. Suzanne, read my responses to other questions in this thread…

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  23. Best submission call ever! I love the Q and A. Makes me kick myself for not having anything ready… yet. Maybe next time.

  24. How do you prefer submissions be sent?

  25. Lee, I have a question…

    Does it irk you when you say ‘If you have questions before then, please don’t send them.’ and then people ask you questions?

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  28. When you say, “Everything will be made clear later this week,” do you mean it like it reads, or like the trailers for the last episode of Lost?

  29. Rob – :-p

    Chris – Oh, I don’t mean it like it reads. There’s a special message hidden within the sentence that only a polar bear can decipher. Or smoke. Or something.

  30. Rob Grimes, probably makes his head want to explode. I had the same for Raus! Untoten! People didn’t read the guidelines, or the READ ME document, or my posts/comments answering other, but similar questions. Kinda made me think that if they didn’t read the key information, couldn’t follow guidelines/requests in the core information, that maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t take as much care reading through their submissions, formatting them etc as perhaps they should. But that’s just me :)

  31. what about previously self-pubbed stuff or collections?

  32. The guidelines have been published, Geoffrey. Your answers are there.

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  34. Will you accept completed screenplays if they fit into the sci-fi/fantasy genre? Please say yes!

  35. Kathrine. No.

    We’re also not looking to accept T-shirts, figurines delicately carved out of the finest Belgian chocolate, office stationery, or toys.

    Even if they’re SF/Fantasy-related.

    Not unusually for a publisher that only publishes novels, we’re looking for novels. Odd, that…

  36. Humm… Ok then. I will have to submit a novel though you are missing a treat and not one made from chocolate, Belgian or otherwise!Thanks anyway.

  37. I’ve a new take on the emperor’s new clothes, its an invisible book with invisible pages and writing, will be really really really cheap to publish.

  38. Yes, but Heather – we’ll still need to cover the cost of that invisible cover art (invisible ink is *really* expensive!) and it’ll still need invisible editing. It’s *clearly* not going to be cheap!

  39. Lee, this seems like a transparent attempt to extoll the hidden, intangible benefits of a good publisher. I’m sure Heather will see through it.

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