Not that I am in anyway superstitious (only when it comes to the order of which I put on my football gear. Oh, and magpies. And not putting new shoes on a table. And fairy forts, or single trees in fields, and it just makes sense to cross a river if you’re being chased by evil spirits – of course they can’t reach you then) BUT IF I WAS, Friday 13th might not be my favourite day.

So how’s about Angry Robot make Friday 13th a lucky day? To win 13 of our titles, all you have to do is like our Facebook page and share it with your friends – couldn’t really be any easier, could it?  If you already have liked our page, you can enter by posting on our Facebook wall telling us why you love Angry Robot!

Deadline is 10pm BST today, and I’ll get in touch with the winner afterwards to arrange delivery of 13 amazing, angry, books! The winner will be picked randomly, as will the 13 titles*. Lucky dip making Friday 13th even luckier. Sorted.

Now, where’d I put my four-leaf clover?

*If you’re really lucky, I may even add some rare, brand spanking new, ARCs. But, only if you’re really lucky.


  1. Snerk. Fae flatulence would be SPARKLY!!!

    Be warned: glitter never goes away.

  2. HA! Not quite 🙂

  3. At first I thought that said Fairy Farts…

  4. I really enjoyed meeting all the folks at the booth at Worldcon.

  5. I’m all the way in India. 🙁 I know my chances of winning are right next to NIL. But here’s a shot!! :D… I love your books and a friend of mine and me are in this together!! I hope Chetana Holla or I win!!! fingers crossed. Rabbit foot, Check! Avoid neighbour’s(who has a black cat) house. Check! Stay away from construction sites. Check! Now I wait! 🙂 All the best to everyone. Hoping to have a really lucky unlucky Friday the 13th!!!:)

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